Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sunday Musings from Under the Steps: Happiness is...

One of my facebook and writing buddies wrote what happiness meant to him. To him, happiness comes from was measuring yourself against those who had not done as well as yourself. Cynical maybe or just a little off put humor I should expect from my writer friend. But it did provoke me to think what happiness was to me.
I would say happiness for me, is doing better than I did yesterday. Use no other person but yourself when measuring your successes in this life--writing life or otherwise. I also feel that happiness comes from knowing what YOU want, and not going through life traveling someone elses path. And as I've grown older, I have come to believe that happiness comes from knowing the people you share your life with are doing well or breaking even at the least.
...happiness is also chocolate, a cats purr, super hero's, good music, a clean house, diversity, creativity, a trip to the park, museum, amusement park, a child's laughter, target practice with dad, a visit to the in-laws in Hawaii, family, friends, soft leather, a good book, a productive day, a husbands unguarded smile and......

Just find it where you can.

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