Thursday, November 1, 2012

Gooooo NaNoWriMo!!!!!

So true, Mr. King.  That lingering moment before you commit that first word to page and begin your writing journey is the scariest.  Our big ole human brain over thinks the process and leaves time for insecurities and fears to creep into the process. 
Think of your favorite literary hero's in this moment.  Think of YOUR hero or heroine.  Be brave for them for you are the only one who can bring their world to life and make them immortal.  Yes, you are that powerful once you pick up the writing gauntlet.
And so NaNoWriMo begins folks, giving us another chance to create new worlds.  So be brave.  Sit down.  Start!  And good luck.


  1. Best of luck with nanowrimo! I shall follow your progress with interest! You are so brave....eek!

  2. Love your header. Do I even want to know what those needle-nose pliers are for? LOL

    Great post. Welcome to the club. :)



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