Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Insecure Writers Support Group: Self Doubt and Me.

So my friends and fellow members of the Insecure Writers Support Group, how do I get these out of my stomach?  How do the rest of you banish self-doubt as writers and creative beings?  As a human being in general?

Confidence builds in time they say.  And each jumble of words I put down should feed said confidence, right? 


Sometimes I feel brilliant and inspired and many other times I feel halted and bound by self-doubt. 

Do I not believe I deserve to finish?  Do I really like running in place each time I get towards the middle of a new project?  I have written 125,000 word Fan Fiction stories.  I write without hesitation and in much detail when I post or comment on-line.  I have a million short stories and multiple NaNoWriMo offerings... 

So why do I feel like I have a rabble of Lepidoptera in my stomach when I sit down to the computer these days and a bound up head of ideas not able to escape? 


Any thoughts to finding this beasts Achilles heel, please?


  1. Happy IWSG post day, Nicole! I posted today about belief, which I believe (ha!) keeps the self-doubt monster at bay. Believing you can achieve your goals, really believing, will help. Keep your chin up!

    1. Oh, wanted to let you know your captcha thing is on still. It may keep some (many) from commenting. :)

    2. Whats a captcha????? Whatever it is I wish to turn the crazy thing off!

  2. It's less about not doubting than not minding the doubts. Not treating them as anything real.

  3. I've been a technical writer for about eight years now, and the biggest lesson I learned that helped me excel was to submit my writing DESPITE the butterflies. The secret? Those butterflies actually never go away so don't expect them not to be there. It's kind of like ripping off a Band-aid. You have to do it. The butterflies are there because it could potentially hurt. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn't. But that hesitation is always there - no matter how old you get. So, if you've done the best you can at this point in time, close your eyes and rip!

  4. Hi, Nicole. Sorry. Just noticed you were addressing the Insecure Writer's Support Group folks. Didn't mean to intrude. :)

  5. It never totally goes away. You just learn how to handle it better. Really!

  6. What Alex said! You'll give yourself whiplash trying to keep track of a writers mood swings! :)



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