Thursday, February 7, 2013

WIP Wednesday: How Thin Is Your Skin?

Our writing works are our babies, and like most parents we do not like being told our kids have issues. 

Now, I grant ya.  Opinions are like ass........ Well, you know what I mean.  Everyone has their own taste and not everyone is going to like your work.  Par for the course.  But to get a negative critique from a creditable peer regarding that much loved and slaved over WIP????

I have found over the years, my tolerance for criticism to be greatly improved.  Now, personal criticism can still make my stubborn horns flare out.  Just ask the poor souls who love me best.  But I am quite proud of my acceptance of professional critique.  It's something that has grown with age and came early while working in the Mental Health field.  A profession that proves more often than not, there is no "I" in team and no one person has all the answers.

I actually crave writing critique from my peers.  When I am in my writing zone, I get so anxious to get my work right.  I want my "baby" to be the best it can be.  I want help when I am stuck with technical issues and listen to creative opinion even when I do not agree with the other persons view.  In my past profession, point of view was an important key to dealing with my clients.  In creativity, I feel the same.  Even if we do not agree, your opinion of my work gives me another view of it and often helps me mould my WIP.

In the end, writing critique is meant to point out flaws based on both opinion and technical fact.   Either way, I have found much truth can be found in ones flaws.  And truth can sometimes be a tough thing to face.

So my fellow writers and creative colleagues, how do you handle constructive critique from your professional peers?   Is your skin thick or thin?

And a shout out to Alex J Cavanaugh Insecure Writers Support Group.  Sign up and check out their blog hop every 1st Wednesday of the month. 



  1. Hi Nicole, though I do feel bad when the criticism is harsh, but I tend to develop a extra thick layer of skin and mull over the feedback and see if it enhances my MS or not. (Visiting from IWSG)

  2. Call me a glutton for punishment, but I actually like crit. It always opens my mind up to new possibilities and gives me something new to think about :)

  3. It's been awhile since I've submitted anything to be critiqued. Probably need to get back in shape...mentally! :)

  4. Piss you off is right :) I miss the days of my writing group when they forced me to submit something for critique - and that of course forced me to write something. I must say a good crit partner is worth the weight in chocolate.


    1. Oh I so agree with all you have just said. xxoo chocolate

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