Sunday, May 30, 2010

Sunday Sermon

I may not follow a organized religion, but I do have a moral code and a faith in the good of man, the beauty of nature and the magnificence and mystery that is the universe. So on that note, each Sunday I shall post all that is good and inspiring to a human spirit...

"The forces which move the cosmos are no different from those which move the human soul." ~~~Lama Anagarika Govinda

The Andromeda Galaxy, taken by my husband and searched out by the two of us on one of our stargazing trips. I believe this one was taken on the Big Island of Hawaii.


  1. What a universal concept. I can't believe your husband took that photo. It blows your mind how tiny we really are--with all our little troubles.
    Wonderful post!

  2. Humans need to categorize and label things to make sense of a world/universe we do not completely understand and we hold onto our separate stores of knowledge like safety blankets, growling like dogs when someone threatens to take it away. Knowledge is comforting and we have produced a lot of it over the centuries only to have that knowledge replaced with another hard fought for theory. It is the way.

    I find comfort in knowing that we do not know all or at a place to understand all. Man needs to keep searching and discovering to be at their best. I just wish that out of all our discoveries we could grasp and perpetuate the belief that we ARE so tiny and we are all so so connected on this little bit of rock and water spinning through space.

    *off soapbox*

    As for the pics, Jim has to take many long exposures through a camera attached to our telescope with all the right 'dohickies' attached and then he uses a computer program to overlap the different exposures and then...TA DA!! It's his new passion and I am happy for it. And thank for being my first comment on this new blog!



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