Monday, May 31, 2010

Weekend Recap

First, all praise the 3 day weekend and a weekend of mostly sun with a side of BBQ. Aside from a bit of writing, making the rounds on the internet and some Salvaged Beauty design pics on Flickr, I was able to photograph a new batch of jewelry for Etsy, edit them and entered a few to boot. I was also able to turn that camera on some pretty sites at a local park with my husband Jim on Sunday.

Fellows Riverside Garden within the Millcreek Metro Parks is definitely a jewel inside the rust belt that is the Mahoning Valley and I mean that with the utmost respect to the rust belt and my adopted home the Mahoning Valley.

The Gardens is the place of my first date with my husband, the place he proposed and one of the main places I learned to use a camera. Up until a few years ago I had never thought of touching one. Now it’s a much needed tool in my arsenal and a much loved hobby I enjoy with Jim and on my own.

Part of a ongoing art instalation in the park...

Hope you had a great weekend too and that the march back to the trenches not so daunting. This week I have promised myself and my budding Etsy shop, that I would join 2 more art and jewelry sites this week and enter 2 items a day onto Etsy this week starting tomorrow. I am also shooting for another batch of Regal Beach statement necklaces. And I NEED to finish up the new pillows for the couch since the old ones look no better than cat scratch posts (more on the beasts later). As for my WIP, I am looking at a less rough rough draft of my first chapter and a better start into the second. So here is hoping...and doing.

Type at ya later.


  1. The pictures of the flowers are gorgeous! And what wonderful memories you have in that park, how nice that you and your husband have a special place like that.

    Good luck with all your goals for this week!

  2. Thank you so much. It wasn't too long ago I realized how much of a part our local park has played in Jim and I life. He grew up playing in other parts of the park and then brought me to it on that first date and the list goes on. I had considered getting married there but Hawaii worked out just fine.

    And crossing fingers on the list. I entered two pieces on Etsy yesterday like a good little girl and started 2 more necklaces yesterday. Today more Etsy and my WIP and of course my blog entries all around. Pillows start tonight!

    I will take that luck and double it to pass around. I hope your projects go well also!



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