Wednesday, October 27, 2010

WIP Wednesday: A Rehash on Luck

I do believe luck exists, but more and more I see it as something that needs our assistance. Do we make our luck? Maybe we simply entice it.

Example. I sit, do nothing with my WIP and it all slows down. I wish for some luck to come my way while I get a little more depressed about all my projects in general and therefore I become unattractive to Luck. Luck does have its standards after all.

So I wait and nothing really happens while I wait for Luck—correction, life happens and it feels like filler. No substance. Nothing I can hold onto later and show for my time on Earth.

Now, I do something. Maybe not a big something, but a few well placed something’s and I do them with regularity. I work hard at these little things that slowly grow in size and reach. I may feel frustrated at times, when nothing seems to have bloomed, but I take comfort in the growth of my projects just the same. I feel inspired by the time I have spent on my projects, the large accumulation of things I have done to feed my work a slow and stead diet. My work is healthy with my care as am I by the process and Luck likes healthy things best.

Luck likes healthy things best, but it will also visit what shows promise—what shows a spark of ambition or hope. Luck rewards those who wish to work for its attention. Hard work is a Luck attractor, so apply as much as you can if you want visited by it.

Good things can happen by simple luck, but extraordinary things happen with hard work.


  1. Oh I like this! Good advice...I need to take it :)

  2. I also believe luck is attracted to hard work.

    Sometimes I have less diligent and less ambitious people tell me that I'm lucky, which grates on my nerves because they disregard all the hours I've worked to attain my goals.

    You make the distinction between good and the extraordinary.

  3. We certainly create our own luck through hard graft and hard work!

    Great post, take care and GOOD LUCK with your writing! x

  4. Nicole - I agree. Luck wants to cling too something worthy of it. It isn't going to bother with a project collecting dust. When we're giving our all, it'll touch us. =D

  5. Good advice. Maybe I should go kick my WiP in the prose and feel good about accomplishing something for a change.


  6. I think we confuse luck with chance. If I through a raw egg in the air, there's a small chance it will come back and hit me in the head. Some would call that bad luck. It's all really a matter of probabilities



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