Wednesday, December 15, 2010

WIP Wednesday: Inspiration Through Reading Old Blogs.

OOOKAY. I was going to write out a nice, long sentimental WIP Wednesday entry involving the similarities of nursing a WIP and impending motherhood. Even made it a point to go looking through older entries to find the link to another entry of similar but not same nature and then it happened...


The last few days I have been a little lax writing new material for my WIP 'Ghost Mountain'. I have been...distracted. Well, I fell into reading some of my old blog entries concerning said WIP and its MC Wyatt and BAM!!!!!!!

Soooo, have a lovely evening all and nice of ya to stop by, but I have a date with my WIP.


  1. Whenever I get bogged down I skim through the notebook I keep with my outline and various story & character notes. Works everytime! Glad you're back on track! :)

  2. Awesome! I love it when inspiration strikes. I'm a little short on it myself right now, so maybe I'll take a hint from you and go read some of what made me excited about this book in the first place. Thanks. =o)

  3. I love reading through old posts; it's like looking through old photo albums, with stories attached.

    Have fun on your date!



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