Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WIP Wednesday: Self Realization Time Again.

When starting this blog, I referred to myself as a Work in Progress. I don't think I fully appreciated that statement or that fact at the time.

More than anything, the WIP part was pointed more at my professional and creative endeavors. I understood that through working on these things, I would find changes in myself. This occurs with any new road one takes. What I didnt fully grasp or maybe just wasnt ready to see yet, was the more personal--more elemental things that would-could change in me when the WIP's in my life delved into big life changes (i.e. the little space alien inside my tummy and what its birth will mean).

You see, I have had some major shake ups in my life within the last few years, but the changes they evoked in me were somehow different than what I am experiencing now. I would sooner name all the stars in the heaven than I could exactly or accurately explain what I am feeling now... but I like it.

So many changes are coming for me. Things that will join my present works and other things that will change them. Jim and I will find a house before spring and that will be a big change in our daily lives--but a welcome one. I will continue to care for my little family and myself and fall in love with him or her as the day grows nearer. And then I will be a mother, a job I believe I have been in training for a long time and will justly make my priority.

But how will these changes mix with the things I want for me? Should they be pushed aside and turned away like many of the women in my life have done? Or maybe WIP's and dreams do not have to disappear, only change a bit. The true nature of a WIP don't you think?


  1. I wish you all the best with this new and exciting journey for you!!! I think you will find your equilibrium soon enough - enjoy these amazing times and good luck!!!! Take care

  2. I think you're wiser than you know; you may have the answer in your last paragraph.

    Things will change, shift, come apart and rearrange....and I think you'll do fantastic with all of it.

    Hope you're having a great week!

  3. How do you think the people in your life would feel if they knew you set aside your hopes and dreams for them? I know how I would feel, both as a son and a husband. You said it yourself so succinctly...dreams don't have to disappear, only change a bit.

    Congratulations!! :)

  4. I wish you all the best for 2011.

    When I go through changes they can be scary but good. The unknown is exciting and my dreams and work ethic shape my future.

  5. I often answer my own questions and dull my own concerns. Having all of your kind words and support is such a added plus. Thank you Kitty, Words Crafter, DL and Medeia. I take your comments and wishes to heart.

  6. You seem to be keeping a good outlook on all the changes. All seem to be progressive things - family, home, writing, relationships. Stressful and wonderful and frightening at the same time.

    I like your optimism, and enthusiasm to embrace whatever comes. Good luck to you Nicole.

    Happy holidays if I don't get by here again soon.




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