Tuesday, October 9, 2012

And the WIP Returns Once More.

I have been having a hard time starting back up my writing life. It starts up, sputters and then goes dormant for another day, weeks, months. The spark gets dulled by never ending housework, by continued renovations of a new old house.  My muse ignored, for the day to day needs of my new little family. 

Now I would never take back the newest changes in my life.  Right now, everything that's the hardest work are the best parts of my life. (Motherhood anyone?) But I would like to bring back some of what hasn't changed for me.  I still want to write.  And I still want to blog.

So I sit here with pen in hand (Original post written on back of junk mail earlier today) and I begin what is to be my next chapter in this life.  Where I am both mother, wife, home renovator and writer.  Where I learn how to balance these jobs because frankly I need to be all those things to keep my life a good life--a wanted life for me and my family.

Today, I come back to my blog very much a work in progress, still.  I have missed being here with all of you.  I miss being inspired and challenged by your own works and comments made regarding my own.  I regret not visiting often.  I hope to find all of you well and your endeavors continuing on and I look forward to being apart of your worlds again. 

Nicole Nicholson Murray, WIP 



  1. I've missed you, Nicole. Life as a rare blood courier drains me so I understand in some small way what you must be going through with motherhood and rennovations.

    Dreams are fine, but family comes first.

    I wish you success in finding time for your writing and blogging. Always in your corner, Roland

  2. Welcome back to the blog, Nicole! I enjoy seeing you on FB, but I missed seeing you here. =o)

    I think if you take everything one day at a time, the writing will sort itself out. :hugs:

  3. Roland, that means a great deal to me. I appreciate you as a blogger, writer and person. Your blog is one I missed very much reading. We shall be meeting again soon, down amoungst the comments and in the land of fiction.

    And B.E., I am so glad we have been able to back and forth on Facebook. Our brains often circle in similar directions. Coming back here is like visiting your old hometown and hanging out with old friends. Thanks guys!

  4. Nicole,

    Nice to met you via RFW, You have a beautiful family and you will find your balance. I'm looking forward to reading your posts, and keeping up with your blog.

  5. And I look forward to being a part of your writing community very much. As for the family...I think I'll keep em. ;-D Thanks for the vote of confidence.



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