Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Coulda, Shoulda, Gonna

I coulda not posted today.  To tell ya the truth I was looking to have some big topic on writing, some funny home spun yarn about my week, but nope, nada, nothing.  I am winging this post, but I am making one.

Regular posting on Blog = WIN!!!!!

I shoulda joined in on the writers challenge with the folks over at Romantic Friday Writers, but I realized I not only didn't have anything that fit the challenge, I also had no time to write something up on the fly and be good enough to share.  I am thinking I should have thought about that before entering said challenge, but I was so excited about joining in on something again, here in the Bloggerverse.


I AM gonna join in on the NaNoWriMo action next week.  Honest Injun, I will take on the 30 days and nights of writing, however I shall be cutting the word count in half at 25,000 words and not 50,000.  I am learning my present limitations.  This is good.  But my limitations will not limit my aspirations.  I will continue to write.


So coulda, shoulda, woulda my writing?!?!?!  Not gonna.


  1. Good luck! And stuff like this happens to every writer.

    Hugs and chocolate,

    1. I shall take both hugs and chocolate most readily. Thank you for both, Shelly. ;-)



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