Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Feeding My Muse His Visuals

Old inspiration board from a past story.
I am a visual person by nature.  In childhood I would save stones, twigs and bits of nature found on walks or cuttings from a favorite funny or colorful magazine.  I was drawn to it like other children feel compelled to toss a ball or skip.  I still have some of those bits. 

Over the years I have continued my stockpiling of nature, art post cards, magazine clippings, favorite quotes scribbled on bits of paper, snips of fabric or paper, pictures I or others have taken...the list goes on.....

So she's either one of those creative people or burgeoning hoarder you say?  Maybe a bit of both.  I do know if you follow this blog you are probably much like me in this compulsion--this feeding of our muses I will call it.  Am I wrong? 

Like me, does your imagination spin in some needed or unexpected direction with each new gathered bit?  Do you start new projects by one swatch of fabric or one quote of the day?  Did a painting help you know a characters world better or (in the realm of sound) did a song ever give you your characters soul?

So tell me, are you a muse feeding pack rat?  What things do you pin or tape to your wall or sit upon your shelf.  And if you have progressed like me, what images have you copied and pasted from the net to sooth that ever hungry muse?

For me each new long term project brings a new set of inspirations.  Here are a few of the collected bits I use for my novel, Ghost Mountain.

Good Writing Folks!




  1. Love your wall. I get most of my inspiration from mature, and the web -- and lots of blog reading.

    Great pictures! Great inspiration!

    1. Well thank you. I also find a great deal of inspiration in nature. As for the web, it is not literaly a virtual pin board. ;-)

  2. Awesome post! I seem to collect dictionaries and hold onto old calendars from years past.

    Hugs and chocolate,

    1. You sound like a classic hoarder of words and pictures, to me. For a time my muse craved old books in general. Olders and smellier the better. Still have a entire row of them. Reminds me of my beginning years of writing and reading, sitting at my old library.



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