Wednesday, January 9, 2013

WIP Wednesday: Got Gadgets?

Gadgets.  Aside from our imaginations, gadgets are a part of all writers--all creators--tool box.  It may be something low tech like a paint brush, hammer or pen you most pull out of the box.  Or high tech gadgets like a digital camera, 3D printer (wildest dreams) or my little Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. (Image above created during 3rd attempt using S Memo app.)  And like most of us, the combination of both low and high tech gadgets are whats needed to fully express our imaginings and brings forth our creations.

I started out very low tech (pencil, pen, paintbrush and hammer sort) and stubbornly held onto these creative tools for many years, ignoring the world of high tech like it was the enemy.  Time, high tech positive peer pressure and experience opened my mind to the wonderful would of technology, but I'm still very loyal to my old primitive friends.

The below is a example of one of my high tech gadgets taking on one of my low tech gadgets jobs.  

I often sketch out a geographical map for the fictional world I'm writing about.  I'm a visual person by nature and it sometimes helps in the structuring of my story.  Usually I would do this on the back of a paper tablet or a sheet of print out paper, to be crumpled into a binder or tacked to the wall at my desk.  This would have been fine and I will probably continue such creative planning and nest making in the future. 

But with the apps on my Galaxy Note 10.1 I can more easily share my vision with a wider audience of friends and fellow creators.  And frankly, this looks better than me taking a digital of my crumpled up paper on the wall and posting it.  Then again, I do like old school.  We shall see.  This is a process and I have just started this new avenue.

My second attempt at sketching, using the S Memo feature my new Galaxy Note 10.1. (For you Galaxy owners, I see Omni Sketch and Zen Brush in my near future.) 

So what gadget, low tech or high, helps in your creative process?  What gadget can you not live without.  What new gadget would you love to use or what old gadget do you keep coming back to time and time again?

Good writing folks!


  1. I still do everything by hand. I get frustrated with the techi tools.

    Nice post!

    Hugs and chocolate,

    1. Thanks Shelly! And I gotta say, I do love the feel of pencil in hand and fingers on keys. ;-)

  2. My favorite gadget might be my Alphasmart Dana word processor, a perfect blend of a great keyboard to compose with and a lightweight writing tool to take anywhere. :) The battery's been dying, so I've got it on AA life-support while a new battery pack gets shipped from Vancouver.

    I also love my netbook computers, and I've been looking at the Microsoft Surface with some interest. Maybe this summer I'll scrape up the cash...

    1. Sorry to hear about your computer deaths/dying. :-( Crossing my fingers for ya this summer.

      I too have a netbook I love using. Small, easy to travel and just enough space on the keys.

  3. The voice recorder option on my iPhone for sure. For some reason I get my best ideas while I'm driving!

    1. I have a voice options on my Galaxy Note 10.1 and have yet to try it. I'm not very good at talking aloud about my stories most days. I was thinking maybe using feature to read off work I have done 'old school' and get it on the screen. Maybe save on the extra finger dancing.

  4. I will always draft in pen, but I love the mindmapping software I bought for my Galaxy Tablet. It's just so much more forgiving and flexible than the old-school way. :-D

    1. I feel ya. I love my pen and paper too. With each gadget I add to my arsenal I find my way back to pen and paper from time to time.

      I will have to check out the mindmapping software you mentioned. Sounds interesting to me. Thanks for visiting!



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