Thursday, June 20, 2013

WIP Thursday: Trust Instinct Not Opinion

Like knowing something was up with a client and yet I could not put my finger on it just then.  I believe this.  Feeling that something is wrong in general should always be heeded, no matter the situation.  Feeling something is wrong means something is wrong and its time to go to work.
Now when folks start giving you "exacts" about you or others personal works (or personal issues), I have found it's usually just their own personal opinion.    We do not have crystal balls or read minds.  Only the writer (or client) really knows what their story is or wish it to be.   



  1. I like it- thanks for posting this. I needed to hear it today. :)

  2. So did I. I am happy to share the therapy. ;-)

  3. I love Neil Gaiman. And it's true, about something usually being wrong. We should trust our instincts!

    1. And yet our big old human brain stops most of us from doing just that. Trust instinct over all, folks.

  4. I like the Gaiman quote and your blog. I hope you are having as much fun with your A to Z challenge as I am.



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