Friday, March 28, 2014

Another Good Quote

You don't have to tell me, brother.  But may I also add, its also a exhilarating moment, to sit with fingers on keys and a blank screen, waiting for the impending release of a story pent up inside.  Scary to begin, but exhilarating.  Kinda like loosing your virginity each time you begin a new work.

Cheers folks!


  1. Greetings from Tennessee! I'm participating in the A to Z Challenge this year as well...good luck!

    Donna L Martin

  2. Nicole, your post made me think of something Bette Midler (I think) once said about Madonna..."Like a virgin? Sure...touched for the very first time...TONIGHT!" *lol* Enjoy the A to Z!

    LuAnn Braley
    AJ's Hooligans @AtoZChallenge
    Back Porchervations



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