Friday, March 7, 2014

This Writers Source of Confidence.

     More often than not, I do very poorly advertising my skills to the world.  I am more likely to sling self deprecating humor at myself than preen like a peacock, for all the world to see.  But my more secret self--the self I am trying to share more with the world--will shout this with great confidence and gusto...

"Mr. King, you are damned right!"

I think one of my first motivators to write fan fiction was the feeling I could do a character or story more justice than the original creator.  Cocky much?  Not cocky when you once had your own sizeable fan base, telling you how you indeed did so, and on a daily basis.

And I believe the reason why writers should be insatiable readers, isn't just to "feed the muse" or learn how to write, but how not to write.

I haven't read more than one book since my son was born and I have taken fingers to keys less than I would like.  A correlation I think.  Yes, I need to feed the muse a bit more than PBS Kids and Circle of Moms to write the things I enjoy.  And I do love being inspired my the wonderful worlds others create and share.   But I also need to read what "the published" have offered the world of literature, so I can get myself keyed up again with the knowledge I can write with the best of them.


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