Friday, April 4, 2014

D is for Dreams.

D is for Dreams.

photo by me.
   And I'm not talking about my goals here.  I'm talking about that moving picture show that warms up and plays in my noggin once the rest of me passed out from a long day.  Dreams.

I very often remember my dreams.  My earliest when I was less than 2 years old.  I smell things and feel things in my dreams, these amalgams of my day to day, past and future.  Although some dreams are just images, emotions or small scenes of much debate, some of my dreams have felt epic in scale and detail, and have repeated over the years.  And when I wake, its as if days or months have passed.

As of yet, I have not used any of my dreams for fiction, but I have had my fiction visit me.  Usually when I am neglecting that particular story, or when Ive had a long run of good writing. 

One night, in my 20s, I remember waking up to the feel of a hand on my foot, and found my MC Logan (shelved WIP Touched) at the end of my bed, is eyes glowing a serene azure.  I thought I was awake and then I did wake and he was gone.

Has this happened to any of you, or should I be going back to my old profession as a client...

Type at ya tomorrow A to Zers.


  1. I've had dreams that need to be written - but for now I am writing stories that are more reality based. Dreams can be good escapes. Hope you're dreams allow you to sleep :-)

  2. I find that the structure of dreams and of stories are two very different things, so I've never been able to make use of any of mine.

  3. I love having those kinds of dreams that I remember for years afterward. I've had a few of them, one came to me during a very difficult time and gave me comfort, motivation, inspiration. Found you from the A to Z Challenge, really like your blog, I'll be back!

  4. That sounds really scary! Im so glad its never happened to me lol

    Great D post, good luck with the rest of the challenge :) X

  5. Hoping all your dreams will be sweet ones. Nice to connect and follow on



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