Saturday, April 5, 2014

E is for Evening.

E is for Evening.

Reflections by Marcel Rieder

    Evening is my favorite time of day.  There is this energy just before the night glides in.  Much like the crackle in the air during autumn, just before the dark of winter falls.  

Evening speaks of comfort and magic.  Evenings remind me of back porch conversations after supper, when I was a child.  I can still hear the sporadic hum of traffic out on 170 and the rustle of cornstalks close by.  Evenings remind me of the quiet lap of waves under a gorgeous sunset, just off of Ali"i drive.  I can still smell the warm salt air and feel the sand and lava rock under my feet.  And on clear evenings, I remember the feel of a crisp breeze across my cheek, while waiting for the heavens to darken, watching fireflies on a grassy astronomy field with my husband, in the middle of nowhere.

Evenings failing light is warm-golden, as are my memories.

Evening is also when I feel most creative.  From the days failing light till past the witching hour of midnight, I love to write and create.  I have been this way since I was a child.  I am happy, not to have grown out of this love.

Good Evening A to Zers.

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  1. There is a hush at twilight and early evening pierced by the good-night song of birds fluffing their feathers in preparation for sleep. Evocative post. :-)



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