Monday, April 7, 2014

F is for Fan fiction.

F is for Fan fiction.

   I am a recovering fanfiction writer.  There, I said it.  Some see it as a waste of time, but I saw it as practice and if I'm to be honest, a ego boost or at least as time went on.  I no longer dabble in this world, but I am happy I did.  To work, entertain and be entertained and critiqued by others of like interest was a blast.  But I must say, creating my own characters and worlds is far, far more  fulfilling.

below is a short Stargate SG-1 fan fiction, from many, many moons ago.

Vala’s Question

“You don’t expect to survive your job, do you?”

Vala had meant the question as just another joke at Daniels expense. It would be just another off hand comment from Vala aimed to elicit some reaction, any reaction from Daniel. And she got one.

She laughed away his trademark scowl and then laughed even harder when a very drunk Mitchell reminded everyone who would listen that Daniel had in fact not survived three times before and had become a pro at the procedure of dying.

Everyone but Sam and Tealc laughed at this bit of SGC trivia. Daniel only gave them a tight grin that never met his averted gaze. By the time her and the others laughter had died down, the subject was changed and Vala’s question was pushed aside like a stale party joke. But something in Vala did not let her forget the question.

Vala’s gaze fell back on the Doctor. He stood a small distance from his guests now. She watched him unconsciously brush his hand across the fabric of one of his chairs and then quietly finish the rest of his drink in one swallow. Before she could look away his tired somber gaze met hers and her earlier question was not so much a joke, but a brief moment of truth. She saw a piece of Dr. Daniel Jackson she didn’t think existed and in that same moment she wished she didn’t have an answer to her question.

Type at ya later fellow A to Zers!


  1. Someone once tried to employ me to write fan fiction that would never be published. I wasn't able to persuade him that something original might be a better use of his resources, but I can see that fanfic has a place, and not just for beginning writers.

  2. I wrote XENA fan fiction for an ill young girl at the height of the TV show's fame. The girl's favorite fiction of mine was when grey aliens kidnapped Xena, Gabrielle, and Autolycus! Fun ensued and a downed UFO in Greece or rather Pompeii!



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