Friday, July 16, 2010

Finds and Friends Friday: An Award and BLOGFESTS!!!

Hello folks. First, I figured out how to work my new Net Book Webcam this morning (Does that look like a morning face or what?). I am happy that my Net Book bits work, but taking my own pic this way felt kinda--oh, I don't know? Vain?!? I really am a young old fuddy duddy.


This Friday Under the Steps I have a award to pass on to some nice folks and a update on any Blogfests you might not have found on your own. (If you have one I missed, lay it on me and I will add it to the list. Thanx!)

Not long ago The Words Crafter at The Rainy Day Wanderer awarded me The Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you my blogger buddy. And with this particular award comes a few rules:

  • Thank the giver(s) and link back to their blog(s).
  • Share seven things about yourself that others probably don't know.
  • Pass along to eight (originally fifteen) bloggers. Criteria: Adaptable, Flexible, Multifaceted, Resourceful, Multi-talented, and Versatile Bloggers.
  • Comment on their blogs to let them know about their award.
Again, thank you Words Crafter!!!!!!! And now a little bit about me...

  1. I grew up poor. As in lived in a trailer, grandma had a outhouse till I was 12, rural poor.
  2. I worked in the Mental Health field for over a decade. Started while I was still in college.
  3. I have 3 cats. Napoli, Angelina, and Isis (or Issy The Flying Cat)
  4. I really do enjoy being married.
  5. I wrote fan fiction under the name Ann Pendragon.
  6. I once chased off a group of drug addled teenagers trying to steal my car with a pair of scissors and a whole lot of obscenities. It was at a job site. The car was a piece of shit, but it was my POS.
  7. Up until I was a pre-teen I wanted to be a paleontologist, a archeologist or a cop. A secret agent on really energetic days. I switched up these dreams about every other month. ;-P

NOW, the 8 lovely bloggers I shall pass on The Versatile Blogger Award... (And I hate picking people for these things because I know I have left someone out that I also enjoyed very much!)

Roland at Writing in the Crosshairs

Lydia at The World is My Oyster

All the lovely ladies at Prairie Chicks Write Romance

DL at Cruising Altitude

B.E. Sanderson at The Writing Spectacle

Luli at Ler, comer e amar

cArLa at pApEr cLiPPiNgS oF a WaNdEriNg ArTiSt

Raquel Byrnes at Raquel Byrnes

...lord that was tough. I had to pull a couple out of a proverbial hat because its hard to choose.

Now winners, enjoy and go share the award and a bit of yourself!

AND some upcoming blogfests. Take the pics and post them on your own blogs to spread the fun!!!

* Looking to kill off a character? Do it here. The Blogfest of Death at Tessa's Blurb. July 18th!

* Festival of the Trees is having a call for Submissions: Festival 50, Trees Through a Child’s Eyes Fest! July 29th is the deadline.

*And July 31, toot your own or someone elses horn at the Milestones Bogfest! Brought to you be Donna Hole.

* DL at Cruising Altitude has a prize filled High Drama Blogfest August 7th!

* And at A Little Slice of Nothing, "The Weather Blogfest". Due August 14.

* The Literary Lab's second annual Genre Wars Anthology presents "Notes From Underground" contest!

Literary Lab Contest Button

Check back for more Blogfest and Contests. Just go to my Contests,Blogfests&Sales tab at the top of my Blog!


  1. Wow, a pair of scissors and obscenities. Always a sturdy stand-by. :D

  2. It could have been the plunger from the staff bathroom at the time. I was just soooo pissed and clearly living up to my "to stupid to be afraid" moniker.

  3. Thanks Nicole! You are so sweet for giving out the award. Congrats on getting it!

    And I must say, you look like a heroine from a Renaissance novel, all ivory skin and ebony hair. You're gorgeous!

  4. Hi Nicole, I clicked over from Roland's blog. Congratulations on your award and your Netbook Web Cam! :)

    Thank you for sharing yourself with us, sounds like we had a similar growing up experience. I could definitely relate to #7.

    Glad I found your blog!

    ~that rebel, Olivia

  5. Congratulations! That is a beautiful picture, and it was great getting to know you better :) You are one brave girl!


    I was likened to Wednesday from the Adams Family in High School and was a vampire more than once on Halloween. I think I like your description a bit better (although Wednesday and Vampires do rock!)

    And no problem. I hope you pass the award on and share a bit of yourself. Thank YOU!

  7. Olivia: Happy to meet another rebel chick. And if you relate to Roland and me then we will be great followers of the other! ;-D

    Writing Nut: Writing Nut, I was a nut for doing what I did. It's only later, after I have done things like this (and yes I have more than once) do I see that I was nuts!!! But thank you very much. ;-D

  8. Nicole,
    wow, I pleasantly surprised! A gesture of kindness and consideration that I will never forget, is right. Thank you! Now you got me: I love to hear people talk about me now ... I will do my best, I promise!
    Kisses, blessings and happiness!

  9. On behalf of the Chicks over on The Prairies, thank you!

    And you are one brave woman - taking a picture first thing in the morning AND posting it! Good on you - and I think it looks great :)

  10. Thanks for the award. And it feels like I'm always trying to wake up -- what with running the roads at all hours of the night on blood runs.

    I grew up poor in material things, rich in love from my mother. Not a bad trade-off.

    Have a great weekend, Roland

  11. I saw that photograph and immediately thought...she looks familiar. Then when you mentioned Wednesday from Adams Family it clicked. Dead ringer! Except for the bug eyes (which is Christina Ricci's one fault). I can certainly see the tom boy lurking behind those eyes. :)

    Congrats on your award...and thank you for tapping me on the shoulder. And for the shout out for my Blogfest!! Come one...come all!

    Enjoy your weekend.

  12. Congrats on your award! I like your list; it's nice to learn more about you, and those are some interesting facts. :)

    Hope you have a fun weekend!

  13. Hi Nicole - webcam's are fun. Cute pic. Congrats on your award. It was fun getting to know you. Adrenaline is a powerful weapon (and sissors and profanity). LOL

    Lived in a trailer myself for a while when I was younger. Took the homeless under the freeway food and hung out with them sometimes. I can relate a bit. =D

  14. Cool, thanks for the links! I like the name Ann Pendragon :D

  15. Hey, thanks for the shout out! Dang, we have a lot in common. Grew up in a trailer. We were very poor, but really it was hard to tell. We had a giant garden, my uncles had cattle and chickens (we helped 'dress' them) and people were always giving mom bags of hand-me-downs, which was nearly as good as Christmas for my sister and me. My grandparents, (next door) had an outhouse and tmi-grandpa used it up until he got sick. My brother, his shadow, used it until he was a teenager, just for fun. I worked off shifts, usually 2nd, and would go to the ATM at 2am in a city where drug dealers were always out and about. I just wasn't afraid (i.e., stupid). As for confrontations, just a few, the worse was with an older cousin. My mom saved me from going to jail...Didn't everyone want to be a secret agent? Gonna go check out some of the 'fests, thanks for posting all of these. Love the photo, btw. You do look like a lovely painting from another era, cool.

  16. Luli:I am go happy you enjoyed it and I am glad you are passing it around. Thanx!

    Janet: Tee Hee. I am so not a morning gal. And thanks. You Chicks rock!

    Roland: Ya know when you say "blood runs" it draws all sorts of pictures. I think your job, your hours and your city could be a story.

    And honestly I did not know I was poor till my pre-teen years. Thanks Roland. have a good weekend too.

    DL: Those eyes also carry the patented death glare on a off day. But I have chosen to use them for good and not evil. And no problem. I hope you get a big turn out!

    Shelley: Thank you and the list thing wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. And I hope your weekend goes just as well.

    RaShelle: Thank you and adrenaline sure is. *smirk* And I as anyone who lived in one of those floating boxcars 'How did ya like windstorms?' And thank for following me!

    Maybe Genius: No problem! and Ann Pendragon is still a name I hang onto. My middle name in Ann, I use a pen as my weapon and I love dragons. Thanx!

    Words Crafter: No problem. It is a small world and proves we all have connections to one another--as writers and as human beings living the human existance.

    As for the 'stupid' moments, I have had a few adrenaline dumb moments, but daily in my job I was vigalent-a watcher and negotiator. I 'smelled' people. 10 years in the field and I was never physically assulted because of those things. I think thats a record for that job and in those parts of town.

    And I am starting to regret that picture. I am not much for having them taken of me to begin with. But thanks.

  17. Thanks for all the links (and the fun facts about yourself - I love getting to know blogging buddies better!) Have you heard about Lilah Pierce's Funniest Blogfest Ever on Sept. 1? She's at, and it's her June 26 post. I wish I could put the link in this comment, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet. :)

  18. Ack. Sorry I didn't stop by yesterday after you told me to. It was one of those days. Thank you for the award. I'll try to answer the meme sometime this weekend.

    Have a great weekend. =o)

  19. Susan: I will check out Lilah and if it makes you feel any better, I havent figured out the link thingy for comments either.;-P

    Thank you for stopping by!

    B.E.: No problem. Believe me, I understand. I hate that I don't read all the bogs I follow all the time. There is just so much to do and read in the world. And I would love to read your meme. It wasnt as bad as I thought it would be.

    Have a great weekend yourself!

  20. thank you so much nicole! i do apologize for not acknowledging it sooner. i didn't get to read my dashboard until today. the words crafter is absolutely right to give this to you, you deserve it!

  21. Thank you cArLa. As do you. I hope you pass it on! ;-D



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