Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend Recap: Paintbrushes and Predators

This weekend I enjoyed paintbrushes and Predators *evil smirk*. The paintbrushes were a part of my Volunteer gig at my old Alma Mater Youngstown State University. The Summer Festival of the Arts played out this year under blue skies and packed full of Art Booths, Food Vendors, Performance Art, Children' s crafts and clowns--a lot of clowns.

On that note, say hello to my new friend. We met while I was helping ankle biters--said lovingly--make beautiful messes at the Children's Craft tent. He squirted me in the face with fake ketchup (later he gave me the secret recipe) and I told him his monkey needed feeding. I think he was attracted to the bright, coma inducing colors of my above shirt *rolls eyes*. (Really, I loved the shirt. I felt very safe walking across traffic.) Ya gotta love fast friends, art fests and the projectile stage prop.

All kidding aside, I volunteered last year at a friends insistence and plan to do so from now on. It's just that much fun to me. The kids, the art and the crowds make for a wonderful weekend. And YSU always had a beautiful campus. It's a great place to do time in the name of art and volunteerism.

And it was a great chance to talk to other Artisans and vendors. Next year I thing I may set up my own tent for Salvaged Beauty. Help the Children's tent set up first and then sell my pretty bits of jewelry and art. So maybe...
...and the paintbrushes I promised you.

Now the Predators. I am a huge fan of nail biting action and of course Science Fiction. No matter how many high heels I've bought or chick flicks I have watched, my thirst for blood and bullets has only grown, much to the delight of my husband.

I blame my father for that. Early on I was armed with a pocket knife, good aim, a independent attitude, the mantra 'Don't you ever start a fight, but you sure as hell better be the one to end it' and a steady diet of Rambos, Die Hards, Lethal Weapons with a education from teachers such as John Wayne, Bronson, Eastwood, Lee and Schwarzenegger. So no matter matter how much Jane Austen, high heels or pretty things I place my life I shall always yell proudly.....LONG LIVE ACTION!!!!

The new reboot of Predator definitely appeased my old school action sci fi lust and gave me a new look at a favorite actor Adrian Brody. Some critiques may have originally paned him "he's no Arnold" and "The Pianist Guy who kissed Hale Berry at the Oscars?", but I loved him as Royce the MC. He looked the part and moved like the part of a professional killer. He behaved the part as a dark, skilled, all business soldier turned merc who'd become a predator of men because he felt he could not be anything else. A quote he gave in explanation of his 'predator' status amongst men...
"Certainly there is no hunting like the hunting of man and those who have hunted armed men long enough and liked it, never really care for anything else thereafter."--Ernest Hemingway (from "On the Blue Water" in Esquire, April 1936)
Add a few other well cast killers--predators in his or her own right, throw in alien hell dogs, nasty Predator aliens and a insain Lawrence Fishburn and it was a satisfying evening of popcorn and mayhem.


  1. How super fun! I loved the pictures (minus the clown, clowns scare me)

    I'm glad you were a fan of the Predator, I just might have to stop by the theater this weekend to check it out. A girl who can appreciate both chick flicks and a good sci-fi rocks in my book!

  2. I concur with Jen...a girl who can appreciate a good sci-fi movie ROCKS! I also went and saw PREDATORS this weekend (while my wife saw KNIGHT AND DAY instead). It was quite an enjoyable two hours, although not on the same level as the original.

  3. I love, LOVE, action movies! My husband actually is a little concerned over my appetite for explosions, car chases, and guys in face paint.

    I think the cocky, having fun while almost dying type of main character is my favorite. Gotta thank Lethal Weapon and Die Hard movies for that.

    So great the not only did you volunteer, you actually enjoyed it. Bravo for you. I love the shirt, by the way.

  4. It sounds like the arts festival was a blast. I'd love to go to something like that, if there was anything like that nearby.

    I love action movies. I was a little worried this new Predator was going to be lame - like Alien v Predator. I'm glad to hear it's a good one. Now I can't wait to see it. Thanks, Nicole. =o)

  5. Yay art festivals! Helping kids get messy and then sending them home with their parents is always fun :D

    I love action movies, too. Adrenaline rushes are awesome.

  6. That festival looks like so much fun! That's great that you helped out the ankle biters.

  7. i love art festivals! it's been a while since i've been to one though. i enjoy buskerfests, live street painting... and the food! thanks for the quick review of the predator too, hubby and i will jot it down on our list of must sees. have a great day!

  8. The festival looks like a lot of fun and kudos to you for not only helping, but enjoying! I love actions movies and a few chick flicks...given the choice-action every time. If you get a chance, visit my blog sometime after 7pm EST...

  9. Jen: Yep, clowns. Ever since Kings's "It" I haven't looked at them the same. And I am happy to know another Sci Fi chick.

    DL: ;-D on the ROCKS!!! And ya can rarely beat a classic, that is certain.

    Raquel: Well, thank you, and you like the shirt.... ;-D Tee Hee. And your hubby should be thrilled to have a action chick. We Rock!!!

    B.E.: I hope you do check out the movie. And the Fest was a blast. I am sorry you do not have anything similar out your way.

    Maybe Genious: You hit that one on the head.
    ;-D And god I love that rush.

    Julie: ;-D It's a great way to volunteer while doing something you have a proclivity for.

    Carla: I have never been toa buskerfest. Sounds like something up my alley. And I hope you do check it out.

    Words Crafter: Action ROCKS! And I am making a consciouse choice not to do anything I dont enjoy if I dont have to. ;-D And I will check out you Blog. Thank you before I do...

  10. I'm glad you enjoyed the movie! I love Adrian Brody, some actors are just fun to watch, and he's one I really enjoy.

  11. I was very curious about the new Predators flick, so thanks for the review! Love the pictures! and the Hemingway quote!

  12. Susan: I agree. He has a presence about him. He was the youngest to get a best actor Oscar for The Pianist. I guess others see it too.

    Karyn: Thank you! And I am embarrased to say I had never heard that particular quote till now. It was a good character and story detail in the movie. I have added it to my quote collection.



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