Friday, July 23, 2010

Finds & Friends: Authonomy, Legend Fire, Etsy and a Thanx!

Hello from my cluttered little base of operations Under the Steps. Napoli the Cat,if you can see him in the pic, says hello too. I hope your end of the week was worth the fight to get to it and success to your weekend plans.

Now I have some finds and a thank you to share today.


authonomy is a on-line community for writers, readers and publishers, created by book editors at HarperCollins publishing.

For the writer, authonomy is a place to expose your finished or close to finished works to the reading public, other writers, publishers and agents. You can set up your own on-line profile, get and give reviews of other works, all the while competing for a spot in the rankings and the possibility of getting your book noticed by agents and publishers alike.

It's different and maybe not for everyone, but its a site worth checking out.

LegendFire is a free, author-driven, online creative writing community. Its a fairly cozy spot for authors and poets alike, from a broad range of genres. You can exchange feedback, offer and participate in writing challenges and contests, participate in interactive writing projects, find resources and make friends in the writing community.

The site does represent a fair share of genres, but its especially friendly to the sci-fi, fantasy and horror folks. Stop by and check them out!

Now I know you folks have spotted my Etsy shop add at the right of my blog, Salvaged Beauty by Nicole Murray. This is part unabashed plug to get you nice folks to visit my small and fairly new shop. Yes--yes it is!


It's also a invitation to all of you out there who have considered selling the lovely things you create with your own two hands. You know what I am talking about. Those great handmade gifts you give to your friends and family on holidays and birthdays. The jewelry or cloths you make for yourself, but everyone compliments. The skill or project that you always thought you might be able to sell if you just had a good place to do it. Etsy could be that place for you.

I have found the site easy to navigate and I enjoy having a spot to show and sell my jewelry and art projects for only a small fee and a bit of my time. I have found the selling and buying community on Etsy to be supportive, resourceful and inspiring. And of course Etsy is a great place to find one of a kind handmade gifts, vintage finds and a wide variety of art and craft supplies.

So push the Etsy icon. I know you want to.

And my thank you goes out to the lovely Tessa at Tessa's Blurb who awarded all participants in her Blogfest of Death. Thank you Tessa!

My entry...

And as always, check out my Contests, Blogfests & Sales tab at the top of my blog. I add new when I find them.

Have a great weekend folks and thank you for visiting Under the Steps.


  1. Some great links, thanks Nicole! I hadn't heard of Legendfire. And congrats on your award!

  2. Thanks for the link info and I loved your entry. I also checked out your etsy shop. You really have some wonderful items-you have tons of talent, period. I've been loving the little carnival rose earrings, but I just saw the bone sticks(?) necklace-WANT! My favorite thing? Your nook under the stairs!!! Looks very 'writer-ly' and Napoli is adorable...

  3. I clicked on your picture to make it bigger and, of course, see your cat better. He's adorable - and your writing nook looks very streamlined and productive.

    Thanks for the links - and I love your 'shop' - had a good look around there the first time I came over here, but I might have to go browsing again.

    Have a great weekend, Nicole :)

  4. And a very happy weekend to you and Napoli, too! Thanks for sharing your finds! :)

  5. Authonomy sounds like a winner. And kudos to HarperCollins for dreaming it up. We get to show off our "stuff," and they get first dibs on needling out the talent.

    Thanks so much, I'm linking over:)

  6. Nicole, thanks for the nod to Authonomy. It sounds intriguing. And special thanks for posting my link to my ongoing ghostly murder mystery.

    This weekend may prove to be better than I had anticipated with Bonnie sputtering into only a bad storm not a hurricane. Roland

  7. I used to have some of my work posted at Authonomy, but took it down. Authonomy works much like the blogging world, if you don't read and comment on other peoples books (A LOT), then you won't get much feedback of your own manuscript. Its very much a scratch my back I'll scratch yours community.

    I was unaware of the other link however. Thanks!!

  8. Thank you for the kind words about my shop and the trafic on my page (Thank you for *hearting* me gals!!!)

    And I am glad some of the links proved useful. Napoli says thanks for thinking of him BTW. He is hanging over one of the steps looking down at me while I type this. =^.^=



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