Saturday, July 10, 2010

Zombie Luv Flash Fic Contest

I know its a little late in the day (I went to the site and found the contest already closed????)but I'd like to put out my entry for the Zombie Luv Flash Fiction Fest

Oh well. I have never written a Zombie fic and it was fun. So here we go, in all its sick glory. I promise I know how to write happy stuff!!!!!!! Just not today.
What Lonely Wanted

She was special. She was special before the world went into the shitter. Back in the day, any guy would have given their left nut to be with Missy McQueen and now… Well, Chaz Dooley was going to give a lot more.

Chaz leaned his shotgun against the steel gate forgotten and then tossed his jacket up on the fence never to be worn again. Stepping into the corral, a deep guttural groan greeted him from the far end of the paddock. Chaz smiled wistfully.

They had been together before; she was his second living dead girl. Hell, there were more living dead girls than the ones with heart beats these days, so a guy had to take his chances “dating”. Chances being cornering, roping and then gagging the date so extremities weren’t eaten. The rest was the “dating” part.

“Missy, I’m back. I told ya I would be back.”

Dark ruby eyes glowered from the shadows, sending a groin tightening chill up Chaz’s spine. Stepping closer he could see that she was nearly free from the bonds he had left her in earlier this week. Her long flaxen hair hung in clotted dreads and dirt. The last outfit she wore before her change torn asunder by her months questing for flesh and brains and Chaz and her ‘lovemaking’.

Chaz took in an adoring sigh and came up to his captive/loves gagged maw. “I missed you and now I’m going to join you my beautiful girl.”

This last month, life in Tulsa had taken to a whole new level of living dead apocalypse hell. Besides Chaz, only a handful of humanity was left within the city limits and with no contact from the rest of the world abroad it was looking pretty bleak. All of his friends, family, even most of his enemies were now dead or living dead. Just this morning his Mom wobbled by the house and he threw her a rat for breakfast.

Chaz was lonely and people like Chaz made lonely an obsession. He ached to be a part of something because the living crowd he was presently a part of was dwindling down to dust.

And when he ran into Missy or ran from Missy a month ago while looking for canned goods down 5th street, he knew he had found that something—that someone he was needing.

Missy had begun to thrash and gurgle. The gag in her mouth was now bit through in anticipation and the ropes anchoring her to the barn fence threatened to give. It’s what Chaz wanted. He wanted her to free herself and come to him—embrace him in her fierce primeval grip and claim him.

“Take me Missy.” Chaz raised his arms up and out, welcoming his becoming. “Take me—make me one of you so I’m not alone…”
And she did.

Some would say Chaz Dooley was a fairly sick SOB for loving a Zombie like he did. Others would say he was just crazy lonely in a world gone mad. I’d say Chaz found Zombie luv.


  1. Let's see...this was funny, sad, twisted, and cool. Thanks for the read and great job!

  2. I live to be all those things! *snort* Seriously, thanks Words Crafter. It was fun to write. All those years of Zombie movies came through.

  3. i love this zombie love story... thank you for sharing it.

  4. Though I hate zombie movies or stories, this one is different. It is sick and yet sweet at the same time. You know, this could be turned into a short teleplay.

  5. Sick and twisted but very good. Sorry you missed the cutoff for the contest. I think it deserves a home. Maybe you can find another one for this story.

  6. Carla: And thank you for reading. I am happy you enjoyed!

    vcj2028: Hello mystery person. The fact that you hate those sort of stories but didn't mind mine is a wonderful compliment. Thank you!!! I believe that any story of the paranormal or science fiction (aliens, animals, zombies or vampires, etc.) can be enjoyed as long as it echos humanity. I love stories about monsters with humanity and humans that are monsters (this I have seen professionally). And teleplay? I am not to familiar with these. Off to look that up...

    B.E.: "Sick and twisted but good" Well, at least I am consistent. ;-D And you are right, I can find another spot for it. Thats whats great about writing, it can always find another audience. It was just fun trying out Zombie writing. I love new challenges. Thanks B.E.!

  7. LOL I'm not a zombie fan myself. But this was a lot of fun!

  8. Mary, I like that you are not a fan of the genre. That makes the kind words all the better. thank you!



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