Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Sermon: The Hope to Be Found in Love

"When the universe was young, and the stars were barely new, when the oceans began to crash upon the shores of worlds unknown, and the suns began to rise on the new ground they watched over, a story began. When the world was light and hope and joy and love and creation, remembering, remembering remembering.

This was their time."

Their Time is © 2006 C.M. Williams

My muse for love stories is fed by many things, but hope is what drives them home to me. Hope that is stronger than the ocean waves and just a tireless. Hope that can be trampled, distorted and buried but still can be seen glimmering silently--waiting for the chance to grow again and conquer.

When we fall in love, hope is what we carry, like a torch (maybe a pocket lighter at first...depends) But we carry hope that this new thing we have found that fills us, distracts us and rearranges our lives will not leave us and drop us back to where we had already been. Love changes us, and I have met few who do not hope for that to some degree.

I don't care if you are a cynic or a saint, we all want to be something more and for some of us that is being someone better. I believe love does that or at least I hope...

Big Island of Hawaii/N.Murray


  1. Nicole,
    I was very happy to discover your blog. He is dynamic, intelligent, well written. I loved it!
    And to complete, we have very similar interests. The Internet shortens distances, and brings people together ... I have made some good friends around the world online, and you are among them.
    Thank you for including me in your cyber world, and you're welcome to mine!

  2. i feel the same, that hope is what drives us to be... what a great post! thanks!

  3. I agree, love does change us for the better. I was thinking about when it's new...the hope, the lightness of breath, the butterflies, the anticipation....great memories...

  4. Thank you Nicole - I needed this affirmation. Been feeling kinda down lately, and you've brightened my day - week.

    I'm late reading all the I CAN'T SAY IT blogfest entries - combo of blogger problems, Mr Linkey issues, and my typical lateness.

    Your Zombie Luv flash was great. It's so hard to get a complete story in so short wordcount; but I felt yours was complete. A little background, character building, plot and climax. Well done.

    The SAY IT excerpt was endearing, and engaging. Wow, was I ever drawn in. And it left off at just the right place to consider it a flash, or to check back for more.

    Nicely done on all your last several posts. Thanks.


  5. Luli: I also believe in looking past color, religion, nationality and social standing to see what all of us really are--human beings. When I see curiosity, creativity, humor, strength, and a open mind, I see a friend. Happy to make your acquaintance and thank you for the kind words.

    Carla: I agree. Where there is life, there is still hope. Thank you for stopping by. ;-D

    Words Crafter: It's a hell of a rush. One of my top 5. It's even better when you have known someone for a long time and BOOM you feel that first time again.

    Donna: Thank you for stopping by and I am happy something good came of you doing so. (It can't hit the fan all the time...)

    You really did catch up on your reading. Thank you for doing so. The 'I can't say it' bit is from my present WIP Ghost Mountain. All comments are welcome.

    Have a better week!

  6. For those of us still waiting for the love, this post reminds us to maintain that hope, the candle that burns in the middle of the darkest night.

  7. Thank you for that. Sometimes love is fickle. I hope your candle never extinguishes my dear.



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