Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WIP Wednesday: Writing Recycling (And My Weekend at a Glance)

Sooooo. Have ya ever recycled bits of one WIP to feed another WIP? I assume you have. This 'recycling' is often what sparked the new WIP in the first place. A scene or a character didnt quite fit the project you were working on, but you liked it. So you kept it like the treasure hunting magpie that writers are and at some point it began to germinate into it's own story.

But what about using a piece of WIP from a Fan Fiction you wrote? I know the disclaimer--the characters and the story do not belong to me....blah blah blah. But what if the story bit was out of story cannon or non-specific of the original characters created for the original work of fiction? It's your writing right???? Writers find inspiration in others works all the time, don't they?

It's a topic that has crossed my mind now and then. I was wondering if anyone else has come across a similar dilemma?

BTW, Napoli (pictured in his favorite hiding place--my grocery bags) say's "Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. And remember my cat treat."

Below is a bit from a Mentalist Fan Fiction I am hoping to recycle into my present WIP, Ghost Mountain. It would not be word for word do to the many differences in the characters and works, but the gist would be there.

"Just the slightest touch from him was beginning to feel like the biggest leap into the unknown. So many voices of reason and experience told her to take her hand away, but so much of what she needed—what she knew he needed, was allowing his fingers to entwine with her own and hold tight. She simply needed to trust…"


As for this past week and weekend--and the reason I've been off the grid more than usual. Jim and I headed off to Cherry Springs PA, about 3 hours from our home in Ohio. Once again we enjoyed some camping, hiking, stargazing and a whole bunch of astrophotography (i.e. half our gear consisted of astronomy, computer and photography equipment).

We stayed from the 1st to the 6th. A long hall this time but worth the stay.

These are just a few images I took of our camp site on the astronomy field, the valley below our elevation (2,300 feet), and a few misc photo's including a engineered image my husband took of the Milky Way last trip.

photo by Jim Murray

And then, when we got home Monday, we unpacked some of our gear and headed off to the county fair...

Come one, come all! Welcome to the 164th year of the Canfield Fair!

For every year I have been alive I have gone to this mainstay of Mahoning County. One would think I'd tire of the giant pumpkins, row after row of animal barns, craft barns and exhibits, rides, funnel cakes and tractor pulls but alas I have not nor do I see this happening anytime soon.

The fair represents something to me--something pure and happy and unchanging in its way. And after 164 years, it is nostalgia of the very best sort for this country girl. And the best way to say so long to Summer and greet the Fall.

And these last few years, I have found a way to participate in this event. By entering the Fine Arts and Photography exhibit with my husband Jim.

My entries this year...

I hope all of ya had a great Labor Day weekend and I'll type at ya Friday!


  1. AWESOME pictures! And I definitely think a piece of fanfiction (with some editing) could be used in a WIP. I know I've recycled a lot of ideas throughout my many failed MS's. There are certain ideas that I just really like and want to be in a MS that actually goes somewhere.

  2. I love the milky way photo, as well as the flower one. Gorgeous. Your snippet sounded pretty good to me, I hope you do find a way to use it somewhere.

    You made me feel nostalgic. I haven't been to the fair in probably 20 years or more....the smell of cotton candy, popcorn, and sawdust....mmmmmmm.

  3. KM: That is how I feel about it. I want these bits from fan fic (something I can't do anything with), be a part of something I can do something with. And a BIG YES on the editing. Thanks!

    Words Crafter: Sounds like someone needs to go to a fair then. Or at least a street fair or carnival to tide over. ;-D And thanks WC! I am framing Jim's photo, no doubt.

  4. Oh GOOD LUCK with your entry to the exhibit!! It's a stunning photo - very detailed and oh so pink - lovely!!!

    And I think recycling what you've written in whatever format is fine - your words afterall!! It's a good snippet - thanks for sharing here!!

    And what a great holiday - stargazing and taking pics of the constellations - the milky way pic is gorgeous.

    Glad you had a great Labour day break! I love the Reuse Kitty bag! LOL!

    p.s those are some BIG pumpkins!!!
    take care

  5. Thank you Kitty! Have I ever told you how much I love your blogger name! I love entering the fair and I do love my crazy cats! You understand =^.^=

    And the average large pumpkin at the fair is around 5oo to over 1,ooo pounds. YIKES!



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