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Shhhhh Its a Secret Blogfest!!!!!!

My late entry for the Shh It's a Secret Blogfest being held by the lovely Summer Ross (BIG congrats on your first Blogfest!) at My Inner Fairy. Under 700 wrds BTW! Stop on by her blog and check out all the other wonderful entries this weekend and have a great day!

From my shelved WIP 'Touched' (Never got to editing stage—so I have 2 POV going in this...bad Nicole). The moment is shortly after Mike(my MC's best friend) blows up and demands Logan (my MC) tell him what’s going on, after Logan uses some of his abilities to help Mike subdue a bad guy on the island (My FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT BLOGFEST ENTRY). Logan has just told Mike about his secret abilities--his biggest secret, and now Mike wants Logan to show him some proof. So Logan shows his friend his mind reading skills. The scene is in the chapter, ‘So Is It a Jedi Mind Trick or What?’


Mike grimly eyed his long lost friend. He still wasn’t sure about any of this, not by a long shot, but this ‘more human human’ before him was still the guy who had saved his life the night before and tried saving his late brothers life those many years ago. Logan was a friend. Hell, to a Mahoning that made you family. And even this new version of Logan, the jaded arrogance, coarse humor and darkness—he was still Logan. Aside from not telling him and his family that he was Seer Islands answer to Superman, Logan had never lied to them or taken advantage. He’d never hurt them...

‘Just kept one hell of a big honkin secret.’

“So what am I thinking now?” The bulky blond challenged, crossing his arms over his uniformed chest in a mildly childish stance.

Honestly, Logan had expected Mike to ask him to levitate a table or prick a finger and heal it. He’d already been witness to Logan’s strength and endurance. But the mind reading?

Quirking a dark brow at his pragmatic friend, Logan pushed off the window sill and stood before the young deputy, holding his friends unremitting stare. “Looking for proof, Sheriff?” Mike nodded. Logan simply shook his head, this moment bordering on a childhood dare. “Okay.”

Taking another step closer to Mike, Logan felt his friend flinch, but hold his spot at the center of the old hardwood floor. “You’re sure?”

“Do it.” Mike swallowed hard. Logan smirked then shook his head once more. He’d never been in the position where the person he was reading asked for it.

Taking in a deep breath, Logan raised his hand between them, palm out to Mike’s chest. He could feel the hum of life within his friend’s body—strong and steady like the lapping of warm ocean waves. Slowly his hand hovered to the side of Mike’s curly headed skull and began to see the shades of images sharpen and sounds become words. It was no surprise to Logan that his friend’s thoughts came to him as straightforward as the man who had them—with little hesitancy and no doubt.

“So-so what do ya see?” Mike blurted out.

Logan grinned, his eyes still closed. “I see a pretty brave guy for letting his ‘alien’ friend have his way with his brain.” Logan felt Mike’s entire body go ridged and smiled in spite of himself. “Kidding, buddy. Kidding.”

Logan lowered his hand and opened his eyes. He saw a lot inside the stalwart man before him; more than what he was comfortable revealing to the other man if he wanted to keep him as a friend. Things like how Mike had secretly envied Logan when they were children or the extent of Mike’s present fears—that he would not be able to keep the people of this island safe during the coming storm. No, what needed to be said now had nothing to do with the things he saw within his friends mind, but the reason why his friend had let him see them at all.

“You trust me.” His eyes steady on his friend. “You think I’m a little fucked up and you’re uncomfortable when Anne [Mike’s sister, also Logan’s childhood friend] and I are alone” Logan knowingly smirked when his friend’s eyes fell to his boots “but you trust me.”

Mike raised his head again and silently nodded.

“And that same trust does not extend to my family.” Logan continued.

“I’m sorry, Logan…”

“Don’t be. You are right not to.” Logan turned from his friend and walked back to his view of the mounting snow fall. Hell, he didn’t trust his own family. He was intimately aware of what his family was capable of and viewed mistrust as a survival skill when dealing with anything of his kin.

“And Anne?” Logan felt Mike’s brotherly concern before he spoke it. A pregnant silence fell between the men.

“I’d never hurt her, Mike. Believe that.” Logan just wished he could believe it too.


  1. "Quirking a dark eyebrow" - is a new one for me! A really nice piece of manly complicated friendship - sometimes things are best kept unsaid - what a pal Logan is! Take care

  2. Nicole, I really like this. You should dust this one off and edit it. I would buy it. Honest. No secrets.

    Perhaps you made Logan too strong? Mind reading. Strength. Endurance. What's his kyrptonite? Anne? His family?

    Have a great weekend, Roland

  3. Great entry for my blogfest! thanks so much for posting! I really enjoyed reading this, manly friendships are always so different then females when we write them aren't they. You held a great level of testosterone going on between them, the brave and the humor. well done and I agree with Roland dust it off.

  4. Nicole that was great. I don't read too many novels from the male perspective, mainly because they're too macho. But this sounds interesting.

    I'm thinking Anne is the black elephant standing between them. And I want to know where Mike got his abilities.

    Please blow the dust off this sucker, and give this bad boy another try.


  5. This sounds really great. Like Roland, I would buy this. It makes me so curious....

    And you do dialogue so well! The whole thing sounds so natural. And interesting!

    I'm in the process of catching up and I just read your previous post about bleeding for a story. (I really liked the excerpt, btw. It was very touching and comforting.)

    There is a lot of me in anything I write, especially my poetry. If you wish, you can get to my poetry by way of my sidebar. I wrote a letter to my mom after I came home from her funeral. It came out pretty much the way you see it....

    Yep. You should dust off 'Touched' and tweak it and resubmit it. It's too good to just leave on a shelf somewhere.....

  6. Old Kitty:You caught Logan on a good day in this scene. ;-D Thanks Kitty =^.^=

    Roland: And coming from you I believe ya. Wow, thank you. I have been thinking about it as of late. Most of the cool kids juggle WIP's right?

    And Logan being "Superman" was what started turning me off of him. That and he was being a bit more of a prick than I liked. I had to up his humor a bit. And his family is totally his kyrptonite. I like to think of Anne as his saving grace and reality check.

    Summer: No problem. I really wanted to enter your first blogfest, even if I'm reading others works later. Thank you so much for throwing it for us.

    And odd enough, I have wrote most of my stories from a male perspective. I like to think I'm good at it. Thank you and maybe I will get it going again.

    Sharde: Well that a good compliment if I ever heard one. And Anne is a black elephant, as is Logans family. Anne is Mikes sister and Logan has the abilities. They are natural. ANd I shall blow the dust off this sucker soon. Thank you!! ;-D

    The Words Crafter: You guys make me blush. ANd curious is so what I hope folks feel.

    Dialogue comes from observing and years of listening I guess. Thank you. I think its my strongest skill at this point.

    And thank you for thinking this even got to the submission phase. ANd I will check out your poems. Thank you so much for your words of support (ALL OF YOU) and have a great week!

  7. Male bonding at its finest! Liked the exchange and the mind-reading bit.



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