Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WIP Wednesday: WIP Tug-of-War

Do you have two WIP's fighting over your head space, heart and time? I do. Presently both are showing me the best of themselves, taunting my muse to take on one and not the other. All the while they have pulled my nerves so taut, I'm not in a place to work on either of them.


I am very certain I am not alone in this dilemma. How do the rest of you sort out this tug-of-war of your muse?


  1. I hope you find the solution! Good luck finding a happy compromise! And great that you have these two fab WIPs!!!

    For me it's short stories wanting to be written while I try to concentrate on my one sad and lonely WIP - but I suspect in my case it's more a way of me procrastinating! LOL!

    Take care

  2. Would an outline be enough to cease the nagging?

  3. Kitty: I know what ya mean about finding other things to do in order to propagate procrastination. But don't sell the short stories or your 'lonely WIP' short. Shorts can become something longer. =^.^=

    Will: THAT may be a idea if this goes much longer. While doing a outline of both, the right one to work on now may pop out. Thank you so much for the thought.

  4. Hi Nicole - This does happen to me quite often. I usually jot down notes on both - ideas I'm thinking about. That seems to help.

    ps: I passed the writing game onto you. =D

  5. I don't usually have this problem..HMMM

    Stop by my blog there is something you might want to know on Saturdays post. :)

  6. Sorry...I've always been monogamous. A one story at a time guy. :)



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