Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Musings From Under the Steps: My Lying Little Writer Heart

"The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense.

Tom Clancy

And I have already proclaimed fiction writers to be wonderful liars, haven't I? Well that is how we make fiction make sense. How we make others believe our outrageous tales. 'Suspend Disbelief' they say. We flavor our fiction-our lies, with truth and that makes our lies believable.

The best writers and liars know when to ration out a little truth now and then. The truth is the best bones to support a body of lies.
So research my writing friends. Whatever your genre or storyline, dip into the real world for some real facts now and again and you shall spin the best of lies.

Now my lies and truth I told in participation of The Bold Face Liar Award Friday. I found it interesting what some found believable and not. I guess we really can be anyone we wish here in the blogisphere. ;-D Remember, lies are best told when paired with some truth...

1. I visit China with my husband every 2-3 years.
I visit Hawaii every year with my husband. We visit his parents and their hide-a-bed. I haven't found my way to China yet.

2. I've seen a ghost.
I have seen a ghost. This is the full truth, cats and kittens.

I once worked in a old Tudor style home that had been converted into a mental health facility. It was one of my favorite jobs, but it often had me coming and going at odd hours. During my first month working midnights, I could not help but feel that I was being watched or not alone when I knew for certain that I was at the time.

And then one night I saw a pale human form go through the front door without setting off the alarm and take the steps without a creak to the old hardwood boards. My older co-worker noticed me seeing this but said nothing. Later that night it happened again and she finally sat me down.

She told me of the young man who once was a client and how he meant no harm but liked to play. He had been a simple minded young man and this had followed him into the afterlife. She told me she had not only seen me react earlier in the night but earlier in the month and was just waiting to see if I said something--or I could be trusted. She said she knew he would like me.

The remainder of my midnight shifts, if I felt I wasn't alone on my rounds or the cat wasn't following me per usual, I would tell the ghost I had to work, but to go play without me.

3. I've talked a person out of killing someone.
I have talked a few clients out of killing themselves. One was serious, the others were looking for a reaction. The 'reaction' folks, the whole killing thing was a weekly or monthly conversation.

And does talking someone out of beating the ever loving shit out of someone count?

4. I was published in Writers Digest.
Nope, not yet. Sooner or later I will bite the bullet and enter one of there contests. I swear!

5. I live in a fairly old and very creaky Colonial in the country.
I hope to in the next year. It's a goal for me and hubby. And if not Colonial, something of the sort. But definitely back to country living at some level.

6. I killed my cousin.
I attacked and then choked my older first cousin till he turned blue and briefly passed out. It had been coming for years. That day he was messing with my sister and you do not mess with family--unless the family is doing the messing.

I told you--long long fuse with a big boom.

7. I use to 'dance' in college. It paid good.
I enjoyed dancing with friends in college, but not professionally. ;-) But I was mistaken for a local stripper by the old lady who sold me flowers every Sunday down at the market. She kept calling me 'Star' and then apologize. She would always give me this odd little smile, like I was lying. Maybe I was...

Photo courtesy SXC.


  1. Sounds like you should have talked one of your clients into killing your cousin instead. Did I just type that out loud? :)

    I always get them wrong, but I love these reveals. Great job!!

  2. So you have had ghosts in your life, too. Some cousins need to be hung from the family tree, don't they? Or at least hung out to dry.

    Words are the ultimate strip-tease. We speak, show glimpses of our true self, then wrap ourselves back up in verbal illusion.

    Great post. Roland

  3. Well you fooled me! :-) My goodness! I love that the ghost was sort of accepted - but still very spooky and unnerving seeing him for the first time!!

    Take care

  4. Wow, cool ghost story. You should write a book about it, fictionalized of course. I don't think I got any of them right, but it sure was fun reading the lies and the truth.

  5. Fantastic post! I don't read Tom Clancy, but that's a brilliant quote. Ah, so true. We can't be good liars if our lies don't make sense. Without sense they're just not believable.

    Some cousins just have it coming. Oh, boy, do I know the feeling.

  6. DL: Sounds like you should have talked one of your clients into killing your cousin instead. Did I just type that out loud? :)
    *SNORT* There is a thought but were is the fun in that?!?

    Roland: But not quite like your ghosts ;-D. And I thought I did hang the git up off the family tree. Some trees DO need pruning.

    And words are the ultimate strip-tease. Our imagination--our brain is the most erotic bit of the human body. I like your analogy too. We are wearers of half masks here.

    Old Kitty: It's funny what finds normal if exposed to it long enough. Thanks for participating Kitty!

    The Words Crafter: I should shouldn't I! Good thought and thank you. I hope I earned my liar license..

    Sangu: So another troublesome cousin then. Its a epidemic! And thank you and I agree. Wrap a lie with truth and its good to go.



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