Friday, June 25, 2010

Finds and Friends Friday

A FIND & FRIEND: (One I know I will be using some time soon for my WIP!)

I am fairly new to Blogger and I am fairly certain the few that follow me so far know Lydia Kang at The World is my Oyster, a blogger/Doctor/Writer/Mothers...and the list goes on. Every Monday is Medical Monday at Lydia's blog, where fellow bloggers can e-mail their fiction-related medical questions and read other queries answered so generously by the good doctor. Of course any other day of the week is a wonderful time to find wonderful insights on writing and blogging life at The World is my Oyster. ;-D

And Lydia was nice enough to pay forward some of her numerous blog awards to a bunch of her followers this week. I picked this one out of the litter.

Thank you Lydia! I can honestly say the "scrap" that comes out of me is plentiful, but it is honest and I love the award.

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