Thursday, June 17, 2010

WIP (NOT) Wednesday

Just a rough draft bit from the first chapter of Ghost Mountain and a question.

How much of a original work should a blogging writer place on their Blogs? Should I be concerned? Should I not be worried about any thievery? I have wrote Fan Fiction and had no concern, being that the characters were not mine to worry about, buuuuuut I am sorta protective of mine and their story. Any thoughts?
Ghost Mt./Chapter 1 Just Howling at the Moon

It was that feeling again. Like having your hand palm down on a railroad track, knowing the train was on its way. Only it was his entire being that felt the low rumble while he watched the caravan of government SUV’s trail through Mercy Corners and towards Mt. Hesper.

Sheriff Wyatt Paxton had come to trust that rumble within during his thirty-four years of living. As a child that feeling kept him from his father’s hand some nights and in the Marines it kept others out of harm’s way most days.

“Do they really think our Mountain’s ‘alive’ Sheriff?” Deputy William McClane stood at fidgeting attention beside his silent and seemingly relaxed boss. The men were polar opposites by nature and stature. Where the tow headed Viking of a deputy could be standing still and still be vibrating a foot off the floor with anxious energy, the raven haired Sheriff was a study of stillness and supposed calm.

“Active” the Sheriff corrected his Deputy, eyes still trained on the shiny black caravan heading down Main Street, like most of Mercy Corners who’d turned up for this evenings meeting at Town Hall. “And they haven’t decided yet Billy. It’s why they are here. To poke at the mountain and see if it hiccups.”

Mercy Corners, population (#?), was lucky to get a (quarter/eighth) of its townsfolk to show for a monthly meeting. But tonight they would be lucky to get those who did turn up packed safely behind the old town halls double doors. It wasn’t every day the sleepy little mountain town was of any interest to anyone beyond its citizens or the visiting campers at nearby Cherry Creek. And all were a little curios to know why the United States Government had taken a interest in the silent giant that loomed above their town.


  1. Great read. I really like it! I want to read more

  2. I think it's very individual how much bloggers choose to share of their writing. I've posted my short stories on Goodreads, but I don't normally plug them too much on the blog...

  3. Very nice writing! I especially like the way you described the two men, one vibrating with anxious energy and the other a study of stillness and calm.

    Anne at Piedmont Writer did a very interesting couple of posts on the pros/cons of writers posting their work on their blogs. Look under her May archive and you'll find them. I'm not really sure how I feel, I post a little but not too much, and not from the ms I'm querying now.

  4. melissa~~~ ;-D. Thank you. I am starting to get to the point where I want to read more too.

    Alexandra~~~ Thank you for the advice! I am starting to think maybe some abbreviated thoughts on my WIP and a scene or so once in a while might work for me.

    Susan~~~Thank you for the kind words. I have begun to visualize the secondary characters and my MC's energetic deputy has been on my viewing screen.

    And I will check out Anne, thanks. I also agree with not posting to much. Maybe just stuff giving me trouble or something I am proud of?



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