Monday, June 28, 2010

The Hope To-Do List:

This weekend I enjoyed the camaraderie and the critique of my writing buds at Focus on Fiction. We meet at our local Barnes and Noble every 4th Sunday of the month. And I also sold another pair of earrings to a friend. A friend? but a sale none the less and most appreciated. Both happenings reminded me of what I must focus on when filling this weeks to-do list. Make more jewelry and make more words!!!!!!

The Jewelry shouldn't be a trouble. I have quite a few to post on Etsy this week and I have about six to photo today or tomorrow. I am also at present trying out painting wood beads. My first set resemble the planets in our solar system, the next earth tones and possibly Fall and Halloween themed beads. (Will definitely be posting pics) I also have new batch of re purposed pearls and glass beads on their way to becoming multi-strand statement pieces. (So going to take pics)

As for my WIP, lets just say the reviews and critique at my FoF meeting went really well. A lot of honest raves and very helpful hints and critique. This week I will brush up what I had critiqued and then slide into the rest of Chapter 1.

And of course participate in The First Sentence of your WIP contest at A No.2 Pencil Stat! I hope you join me!

And Happy 4th BTW! Remember that we are our country. Your neighbor, your friends, the goofy guy selling shoestrings down the street--we are all what makes this United State of America the amazing home that it is. Make sure to stand and be counted this patriotic day. Celebrate, enjoy your family and friends, fly that flag and remember we are the people of the United States. Remember what it took for us to be this freedom laden land and that it means to keep those feedoms secure.

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Benjamin Franklin


  1. Gorgeous jewlry. I'm so boring. I wear the same silver necklace for weeks at a time and will put in the same silver hoops over and over again. =D
    Are you going to do the Zombie luv fest? I can't decide? =D

  2. Thank you! But even I have my go to necklace. A smokey quartz crystal teardrop with two donut shaped foreign coins strung on a simple chain. Ya just find something that sits just right on or means something to your heart.

    And I do believe I shall participate in the Zombie luv fest. I have been watching brain gobbler movies for so long, I should have something stumbling around my imagination. You should too! It will be a blast. Romance and brain munching. Come on!



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