Monday, June 14, 2010

The ‘Hope’ To-Do List

Last week…
• Finished non-kitty and hubby tore up couch pillows. CHECK!
• Finished my writing group (Focus on Fiction) assignment and dug up a writing exercise for group. CHECK!
• Have an entry for Shelley's 'I Can't Say It! Blog Fest.
• I did not pick out possible photos to print and matte for Etsy shop sales and will do so this week.
• Did photo recent jewelry creations and will be entering this week. Also finished more to be photographed if Mother Nature permits the sun to come out. Double CHECK!

• And I may not have finished the first chapter of my present WIP Ghost Mountain due to unforeseen life reasons, I do have a fairly strong start and have come up with a better idea to begin the chapter. A more action driven and fairly humorous start with a tinge of eerie mystery and woe for my main character. A sample…

Chapter 1
Just Howling at the Moon

It was that feeling again. Like having your hand palm down on a railroad track, knowing the train was on its way. Only it was his entire being that felt the low rumble and he could bet his star that the ‘something’ coming was just a bend turn away…

Now help me out on this one. Does this sound familiar to any of you? It does to me and I hope to Hell I didn’t unconsciously copy it from somewhere. When I write something that sounds decent to me, it feels familiar. So it could be that. I hope it’s that.

So, this week…

• Find those pictures.
• Finish Chapter 1.
• Continue making jewelry, photo them and enter on Etsy.
• Prepare for Jim and I next camping trip. Get out the camping list or the “If Zombies Take Over the World” packing list.
• And edit my entry for A No.2 Pencil Stat! first sentence of your WIP contest.

Here is hoping I knock out the list through the week. How about you? Knocking out or being knocked out by your to-do lists? Anything finished and proud of?


  1. I love coming across a new blog!! I found you over at Christine's Journey and decided to stop by!

    Great jewelery!

    Good Luck finishing Chapter 1!! I'm looking to kick butt on my revisions this week! Now or never baby!

  2. I am indeed new to Blogger and I am happy to meet another writer. It is wonderful to have the chance to talk to others who understand and not roll eyes and quietly or not so quietly think 'Really? Writing?' when you tell them about your love and experiences with the written word.

    And thank you for the compliment on the jewelry. I am new with that too.

    And I hope you have better luck with your revision this week than I had with my chapter today. Ahhhh tomorrow.....

    Thank you again.



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