Friday, August 27, 2010

Finds and Friends Friday: Blogfests and a Thank You!

Let me start by saying how much fun and how happy I was to come across a crop of new friends during the most recent Blogfests I've participated. Guess That Character Blogfest (my prt.1 and prt.2 reveal) hosted by Jen at unedited. And The Rainy Day Blogfest (my entry) hosted by Christine at The Writers Hole.

Again, I recommend entering one of these bits of entertainment, socialization and dare I say challenge to your writing skills.

While reading through many of the other entries, exchanging messages with other participants and browsing others blogs, I was reminded of what a great comfort having this creative outlet has been to me. I know I am not alone in my creative journey. That I have all of you--most I have never met face to face but found something in your entries that talked to me and made me a follower of you. You give me thought provoking articles, links, words of wisdom and folly. I enjoy or am moved by your stories and pictures. And I am given warmth when I get a personal message outside the blogisphere, showing me you have become more than a follower or followed, but a friend.

Having a blog, having followers (and I do not care if its just 5 or 500) has provoked me into being more aggressive with my writing schedule and my writing goals. Now that I have others eyes on me (paranoid much?) I feel more compelled to finish projects on time. 'Gettin er done' has taken on a more professional vibe for me--a good thing for a procrastinator.

And having this blog has sorta become my own version of mom's fridge. I cut, paste, link and write here, the things I have accomplished, things of pride and things I see as solid stepping stones on a right path.

So I raise my fresh brewed to you from under the steps and thank you for reminding me that I am not crazy! I am just a writer...


, a few upcoming blogfests to enjoy. If you have one coming up or know of one I do not have, drop me a line. I think when I hit my 100 mark, I will toss one of my own. *thinking*

* The Fairy Tale Blogfest is being held by Emily White at Stepping into Fantasy, August 30th. Love the pic!

* Fight, Fight, Fight! Blogfest is being held by JC Martin at Fight Writer. August 30th-31st. Felines really do kick ass!

* Flash Fiction contest held by Anne Riley at Anne Riley. Deadline Aug 31st.

The Blogfest of Food is being held by Angela McCallister at Jaded Love Junkie. September 23. Yum!!!

* And Michele Emrath is having a Happy Birthday Blogfest at Southern City Mysteries. September 24. Congrats!


  1. There are some excellent blogfests and exciting things that are constantly happening around the blogs!!! I was so happy to see you joined in on the Guess that Character blogfest so thank you again for the sweet shout out!

    I love all my followers and all those I follow, the words mean a lot and I love learning that as writers we all struggle and have extra crazy days! My hats of to you too! :)

  2. These blogfests sound great! I wish I had just a little more time. I'll look forward to finishing this round of editing so I can get around a little more.

  3. I understand what you mean about having followers that are watching. I'm always trying to figure out what to write on a blog LOL. I believe the blog fests are also a great creative source. My blogfest is September 15th. Its right on my side bar called the "Shh its a secret" blogfest. Actually there are several on my sidebar...not just mine that are not listed in this. have a looksie and see which ones you want to post. :) Its great that your willing to post them.

  4. Hi

    I am very new to your blog and I love the optimism here! :-) I find blogging a good way for me to relax when my ongoing wip is annoying me! LOL! But it's so nice to read a blogger's very positive blog! Thank you for these links - they sound amazing!

    Take care

  5. I understand what you mean. This very special community provides shelter and support, understanding and advice, an open mind and a willing ear. Daily, I find good, sound writing advice, life advice, humor, touching stories, and shared experiences.

    And how cool that total strangers become something more, usually without ever meeting. The blogging world is amazing. For example, people like you always show support and give a shout out about happenings on other blogs. You're very giving that way.....a prime example of what's right in this particular world :)

  6. A blog as mom's fridge... cool way to look at it.

    And thank you for joining my blog, too.

  7. I'm raising my coffee mug in return! The sentiment is shared...wholeheartedly!! :)

  8. Jen: Not a problem. Your fest was a blast. It is a wonderful way to learn, practice and meet others.

    And thank you!!!!!1

    Rosslyn: I wish you best of luck with editing. And I hope when you do get a break, you get a chance to join in on the fest fun!

    Summer: It's wonderful you are willing to do the same. I placed your upcoming fest on my fests and contests tab and I shall grab some of your finds too. Great job!

    Old Kitty: Well thank you for the possitve comment. I can be as evil eyed as the next gal, but I choose to stay possitive in the creative realm. It's what I know to be. And blogging is its own therapy. =^.^= Love the name BTW.

    Words Crafter: I agree with your assessment. This can be such a great place for all of those things. And I am never disapointed when you comment. You too are a supportive as much as creative force. Thank you.

    Robert: No problem. I love finding new blogger buds! And I once wrote a short story about 'mom's fridge'. It's a possitive place--physically and mentally. Welcome aboard!

    DL: What can I say master of the fest, creative being and possitive force to the masses. I received my B&N cert the other day. Thanks again for the opportunity!

  9. I've enjoyed your blogfest entries and I raise a cup o' joe to you! :D



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