Wednesday, August 11, 2010

WIP Wednesday: My Other WIP Salvaged Beauty

As stated in my About Me, I am a WIP who is juggling a few WIP's at present. My Jewelry Design Business, Salvaged Beauty, is definitely one of those.

I've never had a business of my own. It can be a lot of preparation and planning. It's a lot of multitask check off lists throughout a week. It can be frustrating and sometimes lonely even. But I like having something that is all mine. And I do like being my own boss. I mean--my boss may be a bit lazy sometimes, but she lets me drink as much coffee and eat as much chocolate as I like. AND she doesn't even blink when I show up in my comfy clothes for work or when I'm late finishing an assignment. Okay, she rocks!!!!!

Good things I have accomplished recently:
  • Applied to enter one of my area's largest craft shows. *Crossing fingers*
  • Collecting craft show set up equipment (displays, tables, a sign, etc...)
  • Created a business card...
(Just image on linen textured and colored paper with a decorative red inked stamp in the right corner.)
  • And I am working on a new jewelry project. Painted wood beads for Halloween. Eyes and planets so far. Maybe skulls later?
And today, the decider of this post, was a lovely message I received on Etsy, telling me I have once again been chosen and placed in another sellers Treasury. A Treasury is where members create curated lists of enjoyed or favored items and share them with the Etsy world. And it's another way to get free andvertising for your shop. So thank you Lizzie Caye of Lizzie Caye Uniquely Made Handbags!

The chosen piece is my Bollywood Disco Pendent Necklace. My mind had went strait to good old fun lively glittery Bollywood when I found this fun bit of salvage at the market.

Measures at at 31 inches, not including the 3 1/2 extension of chain and 1 inch ball pendent. Suspended on brass crossover chain and accented with two gold Czech beads and black glass beads, this is a easy wear necklace for summer, fall or winter.

To view the rest of the Treasury check here.

And a writerly note, remember Write On Con is still going on, so check it out. And some up and coming blogfests...

* And at A Little Slice of Nothing, "The Weather Blogfest". Due August 14.

* The Literary Lab's second annual Genre Wars Anthology presents "Notes From Underground" contest!

Literary Lab Contest Button

* Jen at unedited, is throwing the Guess That Character Blogfest August 19th and 20th.

Know any other great contests or Blogfests let me know!


  1. Lilah wrote me that she had cancelled her Funniest Blogfest -- was that some evil clone who contacted me?

    Your jewelry looks beautiful. I wish you high sales and smooth sailing. See you at the Weather Blogfest. Roland

  2. Thanks for the heads up Roland. How sad but I shall be removing. And from your mouth to the prosperity gods ears... ;-D

  3. Beautiful jewelry! Its always nice to have something that is all yours, thats what my writing is for me. Thanks for posting!

  4. Congratulations to you for running your own business - that's got to be incredibly difficult! And that's awesome that you're making such progress.

  5. I ran my own business (a book store) for a time, and I made great friends that I still have today. I wish you great success in your business.

    Thanks for the grand words about my GHOST OF A CHANCE serial on my blog. It uplifted my spirits.

  6. I love that pendant! So cool. Thanks for all the fun links!

  7. Your jewelery is amazing so I can see why you'd want to be your own boss!!! I've seen your wonderful pieces and think that with Christmas fast approaching I might have to take advantage of your etsy site!!!

    Seeing as you already know a reminder really isn't in order but I'll send what I've sent everyone else anyway!!! Reminder - Guess that Character Blogfest is this Thursday and Friday! Look forward to describing your character!

  8. Summer: I agree completely!

    Susan: Thank you! And its a little progress but its something.

    Roland: Now that sounds like a good memory. Anything you take away friends in the bargin is a good thing. And no problem. I am happy they did so.

    Julie: Not a problem and thanks!!!!

    Jen: *blush* I am thinking closer to the holidays, I may have a 'follower' discount on my Etsy site. ;-D And I look forward to you fest. Thanks!

  9. I am not at all surprised that you make the treasury lists, your work is beautiful. Good luck on the craft shows!



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