Sunday, August 8, 2010

A Sunday Sermon from Under the Steps: Life as a Scavenger Hunt

"Searching is half the fun: life is much more manageable when thought of as a scavenger hunt as opposed to a surprise party."

~~~Jimmy Buffett

Life as a scavenger hunt keeps ya busy while you find needed or just plain fun things to use and share along the way. The hunt--journey helps you grow and lets you determine your life's direction when you come to the next new situation in your life. And when you come to that next event in your life, you may find that some of the things you've scavenged will help you get through.

Now, life as surprise party may be fun on occasion, BUT... its a bitch when the lights pop on and 'SURPRISE' is yelled out by all of your friends, family and your families priest when you're already half way out of your pants...

Mental picture? Yep. That's what living life as a surprise party feels like. If you spent your life drifting--unprepared, everything feels like a surprise your not ready for and it overwhelms.

Do not spend your days simply reacting to life. Live your life searching for a better you in it.


  1. ...well said, Nicole:)
    As for me...still searching, but getting there.

    Also, just finished your Drama entry, and thought it a mighty fine read. Smooth flow, which is important to an action piece. Can't be stumbling over adverbs in the path to a swift turning point in that WIP.
    Well done:)

  2. Well said! I loved this post! I often get stuck in the stressful part of life and forget to enjoy the surprise parties and scavenger hunt, because that's where life is really at.

  3. Great sermon - sometimes I forget to act, just reacting! Thanks for the reminder :)

  4. For me life is sometimes like playing "King of the Hill" : no matter how fast you spin, something is always coming up from behind.

    Sometimes it like that TV juggling act : the one where there's a long table with whirling poles. And atop each pole is a spinning plate. As long as the juggler doesn't trip and he speeds up and down that table, giving each pole a twist : everything's all right.

    But let him trip or slow down : the plates coming tumbling down in a crash.

    Then, I remember life is more than action : enjoy the clatter of the falling plates or let someone else have the "fun" of wheeling around at the top of the hill.

    Life is looking up at the endless depths between the shimmering stars and knowing He who shaped them, shaped me. And it wasn't for rushing about wildly but to make the way smoother for the guy behind me -- and maybe to say "Thanks" for all this around me.

    But then I'm Lakota, and we look at life in strange ways. Thanks for sparking my thoughts with your great Sunday Sermon.

    Have a great new week. Roland

  5. Nice! Your life's lessons, whether good or bad, always have a way of teaching you. And thanks for that perfect mental picture.


  6. A scavebger hunt...great analogy...I think thats what keep it exciting too...I like surprise party's..but only for my bday.....or someone elses..Haaaaa...have a great day....!

  7. I heard that quote on White Collar (I watch dvr, not tv) and didn't quite understand it. Wow, thanks for the clarity. Wisdom-you've got it.

  8. Football season is coming. Life can wait a few months.

  9. Very interesting post! I thrive on organization, so I couldn't tolerate life as a surprise party. I'd much rather be prepared. :)

  10. Elliot: To get that scene cut down to under 1,000 I had to take away a bunch
    of the pretty words. And I like 'mighty fine'. ;-D Thank you for reading and
    searching is so much better than stareing at a wall.

    Jen: But which do you live your life as?????

    Janet: Well, thank you Janet! ;-D

    Roland: I could have not said it better. I guess a little chaos is also needed.
    Let the plates fall as they may. And let us be patient enough to stand still
    and really look at the wonderouse world around us. Thanks Roland.

    Sharde: I agree and your welcome ;-P Thanks for stopping by.

    Robin: So agree. SO agree. You do the same.

    Summer: Thank you Summer!

    The Words Crafter: I did to and looked up the rest. I had agreed with the little con.
    And I do not know of Wisdom, but I am brim full of bull shit. Thank!

    Walter: *snort* ;-P

    Susan: I SO agree. Thanks for stopping by.



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