Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday Sermon: Patience...

"If you sit by the river long enough, you will see the bodies of your enemy float by."

A Misinterpretation of Confucius?

And how does this patient and wise proverb have to do with finishing my WIP's?

Yes, my WIP's are not my enemy, although they may seem it some days. And most will say that nothing gets accomplished when you just sit around waiting for something to happen. Especially writing or business! AAAND by nature I usually take a more direct route with my enemy when so unlucky to come across one. So I guess its the patience part I'm taking away from this quote. Not the sitting-on-your-ass-waiting-for-your-enemy-to-either-hang-themselves-with-enough-rope-or-hope-that-another-enemy-kills-them-for-you part. That would be Karma.

I do love this quote and envy those who can relate to it. I envy patience, patience that is worth more than all the treasure in the world. Because with patience comes continuance and with continuance comes completion. And with completion something tangible has been accomplished in this world.

So I will be patient and sit at my computer typing till all the ideas flow and the pages fly by and into a book.

Picture by N. Murray.


  1. Interesting, patience with yourself tends to be the harder kind, atleast for me. :)

  2. A beautiful sentiment. Patience is something that normally escapes me.


  3. You're my hero, cuz I struggle with patience....a lot!

  4. Because with patience comes continuance and with continuance comes completion.

    I am seriously using this quote on one of my Inspiration Wednesday posts, Nicole. I love it.

    Enjoying your Sunday Sermons - I hope you continue with them. I pride myself on my patience, but unfortunately, it doesn't translate to every part of my life (ie: writing).

  5. Oops, forgot to comment on the new look to the blog. I like it (especially your header :)

  6. Summer: I agree. I have the patience of a saint with others but never myself. A career in the Mental Health field taught me that. Thanx!

    dhole: I feel ya dear. I feel ya!

    WC: As do I. AS DO I. But I am learning.

    Janet: I would be honored to be quoted in your equally inspiring Inspiration Wednesdays. Thank you for that.

    And I have come to look forward to my short little bits of inspiration each Sunday. It's just stuff that makes me think or feel and share them.

    And thanks! The header was cropped from a picture I took of some of my stuff (I was taking pics of my jewelry for Etsy at the time)and then I altered the image a bit. I think it fits my title better don't you?

  7. ...truly lovin the quote & hoping those words reign true with the suits at my dayjob as well:)

    I've been patient...but the tank's running on empty!

  8. Janet: ;-D

    Elliot: I hear ya. *evil grin* As for the empty tank, ya might need to take a detour to refill. The detour might take you away from your project for a bit--but who doesn't need to step away on occasion. Recharge man. And then I hope you get back on the road to go the distance.

  9. I'll just leave it here

  10. It really is amazing how things get messed up in translation.

    I do appreciate the bit of schooling and always enjoy learning the origin of things. And although it's a LMAO misinterpretation, I enjoy the above versions sentiment. May not have been the original intention of the phrase, but it is the one that caught my attention many years ago. I never said I was cultured.

    Thank you again for sharing and directing me to a very useful link.

  11. YES patience, I think, is the hardest part of this whole writing thing. But hang in there. Those bodies will float by eventually. Wow. That was morbid.

  12. BUT morbid in a good way. *evil grin*

  13. I can't wait to learn patience! I simply don't have the time!


  14. Patience is hard for me - I need it in all areas of my life, especially driving and writing. :)

  15. February: *snort* Agree!

    Susan: Driving!!!! Yikes! What state do you live? ;-D

  16. Hey there, Nicole!

    Sorry it took me forever to return the comment. Anyway, I really just have one praise here, and it's on the line:

    "The backdrop of the storm."

    That is such a powerful, vivid passage to illustrate everything. It's vague to a point, but we can draw conclusion. It's easy.

    Thanks for sharing!

  17. For the Weather Blogfest!?! Thank you Justin. It's very cool ya commented. And I am beginning to see that less really is more when writing. I use to think is was a child like thing, being simple in your prose. But I think taking away the too pretty or unneeded is a sign of writing maturity. Ya don't need all the big words and long drawn out explanations. Thank you for stopping by.



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