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Guess That Character Blogfest: The Reveal

Day two of Guess That Character Blogfest. Brought to you by Jen at unedited. Thanks Jen, it has been a blast!!!!!!

And now may I introduce to all, Wyatt Paxton...

Wyatt is in his mid to late 30's. He has dark deep eyes he often quints. Eyes that speak wistful thoughts or shoot out commands. Dark brow and brown hair he keeps close cut to his head. Military grooming but not man-scaped. Has stubble later in story.

He is fit and lean with broad shoulders. Long limbs. Broad calloused hands and long fingers. Just under 6 ft. but appears taller due to his carriage. He moves like a cat on calm days and a fast moving freight when in action. He does wear a uniform well, but often opts to go plain clothed on duty as Sheriff. Henley pull-overs over wife beaters or button downs over T's, uniform pants or jeans. Utility type outdoors jackets in neutral or dark shades and tough outdoors man boots.


Wyatt Paxton is the visual amalgam of a boy I knew in High School, military men and characters I have found impressive and the two men below (the closest I can come without drawing a picture)...

Pissed Wyatt.
Friendly Wyatt.

I loved Tim Olyphants eyes, set of his jaw and the easy way he moves around. He can look sort of harsh often but then gives those warm smiles. And Adrian Brody (circa 'Preditors') I saw the professional in my character. The man of cool calculating action and the hair.


As for Wyatt's personality...

He was a physically abused child pushed too far. He became "Mr. Responsible" when he was given a better home. He left his small town after high school to join the Marines (Sniper). He wanted to prove he was better than his old man...

Wyatt is a quiet man. He is loyal and smart, but he gets dense when he's being stubborn. He smiles on rare occasion, but they are worth waiting for. His wit is a bit dry. He has a long fuse but it's a fierce blow when it gets there.

He is not concerned with his own safety but always concerned about everyone around him. He is his towns Sheriff, protector, unofficial leader and the guy next door that the young ladies wink at (he rarely notices), children wish to emulate, old ladies smack on the arm and men respect with little question. He is capable of great kindness, but he is very capable of great harm to anyone doing wrong to his friends or his town. He uses his military training sparingly and prudently.

Wyatt can stand very very still. Something he learned as a sniper. He radiates a cool calm that calms others around him. He is a quiet watcher of men and situations. He likes to keep control. Even though he is well mannered, his logical side can come off gruff. His gruff side often offends but he does not care--not really. Not if its for the greater good.

He is quiet about what personal life he does have and his own wishes. He ignores his own needs because he feels undeserving. Because deep down he feels like the boy his father called 'a do nothing' and 'useless'. His greatest fault (aside from his stubborn streak), is holding onto the past. Because in the end he is the 'Good Guy' who doesn't see himself as a good man. Or at least no yet. That is where I come in.


Thanks to all of you who stopped by and giving me a look into how others see Wyatt. All but a few of you were close or on the mark with Wyatt's character. I am happy for that.

I think all of us bring with us and take away from a character and a story different things. I love that about fiction and the imagination. We as writers can envision our own characters, write them as we envision them, but in the end it's the readers who 'sees' them. Once we begin to read, the characters face becomes a personal thing. As we write, we can only hope the 'character' of the character becomes a universal thing.

Have a great weekend all!


  1. Imagination is great and because we all see the world differently, everything is just a touch skewed per our own personalities. thanks for the pics, hes a handsome MC

  2. Yes, I can see Wyatt in those photos. I completely agree, part of the beauty of books is that we all see something different.

  3. I enjoyed your scene, even if I didn't peg Wyatt's looks. I loved how he took command of the audience with that whistle!

  4. You certainly know your character very well. I liked the scene, and could feel that military/sniper-ness of him through it.

  5. Yep...he works. He played a town sheriff in THE CRAZIES, and he totally fits the outline you created. :)

  6. Summer: I so agree about individual imagination. And Wyatt is a handsome fella. Although the Wyatt in by head is a bit rougher.

    Susan: Agree. I love how we can all get an original ride out of the same book.

    Dianne: It was a simple scene sketch but I figured it could show him a bit. Thanks!

    Amie: I do. I don't really start writing the story till I have my MC in my head. And I get a few things about him. Thank you!

    DL: I have yet to see that flick. I love the genre. What kinda freaked me out was when I watched 'Justified' for the first time and recognized a little bit of Wyatt in Rayland. Minus the drawl, boots and hat, and the cocky attitude. Wyatt's like the grown up and less flashy version. Funny how none of us can really write something that is totally unique and different and NEVER done before. It happens, but we recycle a bunch and there are just so many character types worth writing about.


  7. I was close. Love the characters and tension between the two exes. :D

  8. You were one of the real close ones. Aside from eyes and hair, most everyone saw him as he is. This is a good thing.

    And I hope to ramp up that tension to aching in this story. I hope!

  9. I can't remember if I was close, but with a name like Wyatt I didn't picture such a hunk... or did I? Regardless I'm here to say that is sex-on-a-stick... and I adore him!!! Delicious!!!

    Thank you so much for your participation in my very first blog fest! I had such a blast and really enjoyed reading your entry and guessing! You were great!

  10. Did I miss your post? Please say I didn't. This job of blood courier just saps me sometimes.

    Your comments on my blog are always insightful, and, of course, very welcome.

    Don't be a stranger. I'm back to read your post of yesterday just because of your intriguing description of Wyatt.

    Have a great weekend. Tomorrow William Faulkner's ghost drops in to teach. But watch out : he was always a ladies man. Roland

  11. Not too far off. I was on the right track...a few more paragraphs might have done the trick. LOL

  12. I like the in-depth knowledge of your character. Great photo choices!

  13. Awesome. It's so nice to "meet" him :D Thanks for playing!

  14. Jen: And thank you for this wonderful fest! You have been a wonderful host and hope you consider another fest in the future.

    As for Wyatt, he is a bit rougher in my head but Tim Olyphant was the closest I could find in looks. And yes-yes he most certainly is... ;-D

    Roland: Ya did miss it, but no need to apologize. Work=$. I am just happy ya stopped by. And I can handle Faulkner. This isnt my first tanglo. ;-)

    Viki:You were very close my dear. Thanks for stopping.

    Rosslyn: My old job was keeping tabs on crazy folk. Character stuff if my thang. Thanks!

    Steph: He is not a bad fella to make a acquaintance.

  15. What a great character! I love your description of him here. Very good entry!

  16. Nice choice. I love Olyphant. Even bald (in Hitman) he's hot. (I love his voice)
    But, yeah, in the Crazies he left his wife inside (alone) to go and check things out. Dude. I'd be all HELL No you aren't leaving me in here alone. (the movie wasn't as good as I'd hoped, or as bad as I'd feared)

    Anyway, I love that you gave us such great background info on Wyatt. Well done.

  17. Renae: Thank you so much for stopping by and thanks! I hope he has the chance to get even better.

    Lola: The first time I saw this actor was in Hitman. I just love the intensity in his eyes and the way he moves. The voice doesn't hurt.

    And I have yet to see Crazies, but I would have so said hell no right along with you. Ya dont leave folks behind in those type of flicks. Just stupid.

    And I have mentally lived with this guy for a fairly long time, so I get him. Thank you!



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