Wednesday, August 4, 2010

WIP Wednesday: My GUILTY!!! Pleasure Fan Fiction.


Just place the bar of numbers across my chest and please call my lawyer. I did it again!

I strayed, I cheated on my WIP and wrote a....


Evidence A: Read at own risk...

In my defense, I was inspired by the new Stephen King inspired show on SyFy, Haven. I love Mr. Kings works, I love small towns, and I love Sci Fi, sooooo.......

Yep, making excuses. *hangs head in shame*

I guess I'm just a sucker for stories in the beginning stages, when there are so many roads for characters and plots to take. Haven is only a few episodes in, but I've already imagined some possibilities for the story and a few of it's characters.

My writerly indiscretion is a short shipper (relationship) one-shot. The last FF, I am promising my WIP. I did it because I could not say no to the scene in my head. I did not turn it away, because it came easy to me, unlike my present WIP. I wasted a few hours time messing around with a badly edited bit of fluff that gets a 'disclaimer' stamped on the top because the characters are not my own and I can not forward my own writing aspirations with its creation.

Maybe I can count it as practice???

So I am guilty of stalling and procrastinating my own work--sabotaging my time and my WIP once again with a detour into the FF world. THIS is my biggest writing sin (aside from my grammar), Fan Fiction.

Gotta go. A writer from the 'Buffy' fandom is eyeing me up and I only have a few smokes to barter for my safety. I'll type at ya later after I make bail...


  1. I've been so busy on the roads as a blood courier that I haven't heard of HAVEN. But now you've got my interest way up.

    And I used to write fan fiction of XENA. I had her and Gabrielle abducted by the gray aliens but with a Xena twist, of course.

    Thanks for all the great comments you leave on my blog. I know you are busy, and your visits are always appreciated. Roland

  2. Everything counts as practise :) And you know there are fans out there who will love it. I am in awe of many fanfic writers :)

  3. Roland: Yep, Haven has promise. I just hope it continues to grow and sticks around. ANd I should have known...Xena. When my husband and I first started dating, we watched the show together. He even bought me a sword similar to hers. ;-D

    And I have been catching up on my blog reading today and will do so tonight and tomorrow. Thank you for your patience and stopping by!

    Nicole: I like the way you think and shall not be so hard on my cheating. It was practice!!!!

    And I've found a lot of cool FF writers. I just don't want to be only a fan fiction writer. Thanks my dear kiwi!

  4. No worries I like this show too. I also like a show called Warehouse 13 and Eureka.

  5. Your sentence will be to contribute something to my blogfest Saturday. That'll teach you!!!! :)

  6. Don't feel guilty! You are writing and having a blast. Why feel guilty about that? That's wonderful!

  7. As someone told me recently as I was bemoaning the fact I wasn't working on my 'writing', instead focused on my serielized story, it's all writing practice!

    And FYI - Haven is being filmed just a mere 15 minutes from where I live. The location is Lunenburg, Nova Scotia and although I'm not a Stephen King fan per se, I'm watching to see all the landmarks I know!

  8. Melissa: I watch Warehouse and Eureka too. They satisfy the the slapstick, action, dramady geek in me w/ a side of history(Warehouse). I place Big Bang Theory in there too. It' s cool to laugh at jokes, knowing millions of others are laughing at said jokes, when said jokes would not have been funny to the folks you grew up with. Geek/Nerd is the new cool! Thanks!

    DL: Thanks Judge! I shall take my sentence gladdly, although I can not promise I have learned my lesson. I am me. AND I'm mighty pleased to shed the orange jump suit.

    Lydia: Thank you Lydia. You made me feel a bit better. All of you. You have given me perspective, but I do still feel guilty. I have promised myself to work on my latest WIP till it is done--no fan fic side trips. I wrote a 25 chapter fan fic once. Although a great experience, I could have been writing (and finishing) something of my own. Thank you!;-D

    Janet: Okay, I forgot you lived up there. I was jealouse then due to the areas beauty. Now double that jealousy. ;-P Lord that show has no bad views. I can only guess what its like to be there.

    And thank you (all of ya) for putting my side writing into perspective. It is practice. It also tests my writing with a audience. Good luck on the Praire and Saturday dinner.

  9. Don't feel guilty - you can defintitely count it as practice! I've never written Fan Fiction, but I was totally tempted to after reading The Hunger Games and Catching Fire. I absolutely adored those books, but there were certain scenes I wished she'd dramatized but were just kind of mentioned in passing.

  10. Susan: And that is exactly what has driven me to write some fan fics. I feel cheated or annoyed at a writer of a book or writers on a TV show, so I take the characters or story I think has been slighted and go my own direction.

    And everyone keeps mentioning those two books. I have got to pick them up and take a peek.

  11. I have an award for you over at my blog, Nicole!

  12. BTW, read your fan fic and I give it two thumbs up and a chest bump.

  13. Well thank you Sharde!!!! I will happily take and pay forward the award!!! I will do so tomorrow on my Friends and Finds--you are both. And thank you for reading my FF. As for the chest bump, I might hurt ya. Be warned. *snort*



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