Thursday, August 5, 2010

Finds and Friends Friday: Confernces and Blogfests and Awards OH MY!

FIND: I was catching up on my blog reading (still am) and found a FREE On Line Conference mentioned on the lovely Lydia Kang's Blog, The World is My Oyster. The WriteOnCon is an online writer's conference for kidlit writers, but all are welcome, since many of the programs will deal with writing in general. For more details you can check out this page. It's being held next week.

And also a reminder, The Muse Online Writers Conference is being held October 11-17. Just click the link on my side column.

FIND and FRIEND: Sharde at Realm of Randomness was nice enough to award me with this award...

And in turn I am to pay it forward to…

Ira Mency at Ira Mency

Victor at Only this, and nothing more

Cort Ellyn at Wordweaver

Clutterbug at ...and then...

and Justin W. Parente at In My Write Mind

Now you lovely folks now need to pay forward this pretty bit of blog bling to 5 other lucky bloggers you know and love. AND everyone else, stop by and check out these fairly new bloggers to the blogisphere.

As for Sharde, she is presently trying out a bit of a “social experiment” she is calling, I Write to You From…A very cool letter writing campaign this coming week. Check her out!!!!

And some reminders (who are friends)...

DL at Cruising Altitude has a prize filled High Drama Blogfest August 7th! So come one, come all!!!

And Roland at Writing In The Crosshairs continues his story, Ghost of a Chance. A wonderful tale about a writer and his amazing adventures through fictional worlds of his own making, while accompanied by the ghostly embodiments of his many writerly muses. At present, he is being accused of killing ghosts and on the run!!!

Miss someone or something, let me know!!!!!


  1. Awesome stuff Nicole!!! I have an upcoming blogfest but it's not until later in the month!!! Feel free to stop by and see if you're interested in joining!!!

    Okay now time to jump through linky world!

  2. Thanks for promoting my project, Nicole!

  3. Jen: I signed up happily! Thank you for reminding me. I had it advertised on my blogfest page but forgot to sign up myself. Enjoy linky world.

    Sharde: Noooo problem and thank you!!!!! I sent my 5 to new folk. And good luck on your project.

  4. No problem. I hope you pass it on!!!

  5. Oh, wow! Thanks for the award! (so sorry I missed it earlier). And for the awesome plug for LegendFire. You rock.

  6. I love how you shout out to so many people. You're a thoughtful person. I'm going to TRY to find time to check out some of the blogs you mentioned, as well as the writing campaign. Thanks for the heads up!



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