Thursday, August 19, 2010

Guess That Character Blogfest!!!

Welcome! First, a shout out to Jen at unedited, for throwing this wonderful Blogfest, the Guess That Character Blogfest. What a great way for all us to introduce our characters to the blogger world AND test our own view of what we want our characters to be.

Today will be the introductions to our characters. Just a bit of story to give ya a taste. Please take a peek at mine below and then tell me who you think my character is. What does he look like? How does he see himself, his world? And then check out all the other wonderful entries listed here.

Tomorrow, all participants in the fest will unveil our take on the characters in question and give you a visual of the faces that haunt our imaginations.

Have fun and happy reading folks. Thanks for stopping by!


And now, may I once again introduce Wyatt Paxton from my WIP, Ghost Mountain...

Down went the wood gavel in fast and furious succession. “Folks, we need to start this meeting…”

Wyatt closed his eyes before he had the chance to roll them. Mayor Jenkins attempt at order had rapid fired through his skull one too many times tonight. So quickly Wyatt stepped from his inconspicuous vantage point outside the crowd and stealthily moved to the front of the meeting hall, and then took the small stage in one leap.

A shrill whistle rented the air. Wyatt lowered his fingers from his lips. The roar of the room quickly faded to a few whispers and coughs from his friends and neighbors.

“Mayor.” Wyatt nodded to his flustered but relieved Major, knowing and not caring that the man was annoyed at his assist.

Mayor Barney Jenkins had been Deputy Mayor only five months before. But after Mercy Corners much loved Mayor Branagan passed on unexpectedly of a heart attack during a fishing trip, the job fell to Jenkins to finish the remainder of the term. It didn’t take a rocket scientist or a leader of men to see that the new title was chafing the less experienced man in spots that were bound to make Wyatt and the rest of the town uncomfortable for the next six months.

“Thank you Sheriff Paxton.” Mayor Jenkins acknowledged through tight lips without looking at him. “Now lets begin this meeting by introducing…”

Impervious to his Mayors slight, Wyatt made to step down from the low stage, forgetting all eyes had fallen obediently to him earlier, including Mary’s…

‘Damn, she’s still beautiful.’

In that moment, Wyatt felt like his boots had been nailed to the steps and at some point between restoring order to the room and finding his old high school sweetheart staring up at him, his heart had stopped along with his motor skills. Wyatt felt like he was falling and he didn’t like it one bit.

Maybe if he'd been thinking strait, he would have noticed just how struck Mary had been seeing him too. It had been fifteen years. But then again, Wyatt's sniper vision had always been a bit blurry when seeing himself through others eyes.


  1. Excellent piece!!! I loved this! Especially the ending.

    My Guess: Tall, Blonde Hair, always well mannered. Bright blue eyes, muscular (but not overly showy). I think he's always well kept, possibly even having his shirt tucked in at all times.

    I'm very interested to see what he looks like! I always seem to be wrong.

  2. Hes strong, looks good in a uniform, muscular build, broad shoulders short shaggy light brown hair and startling blue eyes. hes also probably tall.

  3. Strong with thick, broad shoulders. He is quite the presence in the room, but can fade away if needed. Brown, unnoticeable hair, but piercing blue eyes that take your breath away. And red lips that are always kissable.

  4. Hi,

    Good piece, just enough action to get a rough outline of Wyatt.

    I'm guessing he's about 5'11", ex-marine, darkish grey-tipped hair, rangy body so looks taller than he is, hence can blend in a crowd when necessary, blue-grey haunting eyes that give the impression he's looking directly into one's soul, instinctive/impulsive nature, outgoing personality and a warm smile, and a superb shot in the hunting field.


  5. In my minds-eye I see Michael Vartan (Alias, Hawthorne). He has an unassuming confidence, which I see in Wyatt.

  6. He's tall, rugged, muscular. He has leathery brown skin, hazel eyes, short brown hair. He's all man.

  7. I see a military build as well. Thick skinned, bright green eyes, tattoos.

  8. I see him tall and lanky, someone who wears a tie on the weekends and a fedora all year round. He's young, though. Handsome in a young Dick Clark way.

  9. I like Wyatt already. That quiet confidence...the soft spot for the girl.

    Let's's been 15 years since something happened w/Mary so he's 40 something? Dark hair, curly but kept short so it just looks a bit wavy. Blue eyes, dimples. Tanned, athletic & outdoorsy. Strong sense of integrity and duty. He's tough when he needs to be but can show that special someone his vulnerable side which always makes me swoon...

  10. Love it :D

    I always picture Wyatt as tall, strong, and rough around the edges. Not totally scruffy, but not completely well groomed. Brown eyes, brown hair.

  11. I'd say his the strong silent type, military-like, muscled, groomed well, he keeps his dark hair cut short, blue eyes, a crooked grin, and guy dimples.

    Love the scene. Can't wait to meet him tomorrow. :D

  12. Wyatt has light brown hair with a bit of a wave that he's always sweeping out of his brown eyes. He's got an "aw-shucks" smile that makes you trust him at first glance. I'm thinking a very young Bill Pullman.

  13. I'm picturing Andy Griffith. His calm way of sheriffing seems much like Wyatt's demeanor. Look wise I'm picturing Harrison Ford as Indiana Jones, but not the clothing...obviously. :)

  14. Oooh, I do like a man in uniform!! ;)

    I'm thinking he has a nice golden tan. Muscular, but not like potatoes. He has soft brown eyes and dark brown hair and knows how to kiss.

  15. Thank you all for stopping by. So many of your observations were close to Wyatt. I am happy for that.

    After reading other entries yesterday (I hate could not get to all) I was again reminded of how we can envision our own characters, write them as we envision them, but in the end it's the readers who 'sees' them. Once we begin to read, the characters face becomes a personal thing.

    Thank you again!



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