Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WIP Wednesday: What WIP's Get Happy About?

What does a Work In Progress get happy about? What made me happy this week?

  • 2,000 more words added to my WIP Ghost Mountain yesterday. (Check out the simple but happy little word counter on the left column. Watch her climb!)
  • My Focus on Fiction Group at my local B&N is this Sunday. A WIP--or at least this WIP, always looks forward to my writing groups.
  • Two jewelry pieces picked to be on Etsy Treasury this month. HERE and HERE!!!!!! It's nice being noticed by your creative peers. The newest pick was my Regal Beach Pearls and Crushed Velvet Multi-Strand Necklace.
  • Here is a BIG ;-D for the week. I won a $15.00 Gift Certificate for Barnes and Nobles for my entry and advertising of DL's High Drama Blogfest at Cruising Altitude. THANK YOU DL! And a big congrats to the other six winners! It was a blast!!!!!
  • How about the opportunity to join in on another wonderful Blogfest in the VERY near funture! Remember Jen at unedited, is throwing the Guess That Character Blogfest August 19th and 20th. That's tomorrow kids!!!!

    I am thinking I may use that new bit of WIP that I was going to use for the Weather Blogfest but then said I was going to use today for WIP Wednesday. That will work.
  • I have also enjoyed new blog designs and Etsy Widgets this week. The Blog header was a pic I took of some of my things lain about--WIP sorts stuff, and then I used Adobe to play with the image a bit. And I do like the wider look of this new blog design a lot better. And the Etsy Widget can be found just under my followers and traslator. Cool, compact and useful I think. I know a few of you who follow have a Etsy shop, so check it out and see if ya want one for your own.
So what got the WIP in you all geared up and cheery. Share! It's good for the creative ego. Ya know ya wanna!


  1. That's a really pretty necklace, I've been concentrating on characters for Jen's blog fest. :)

  2. Love the disco ball and congrats on your win!!! I've been toying with a new approach to a logical problem with my MS and figured out a solution for two things instead.

  3. Hi Nicole,
    when you can, go there in
    Has a surprise for you!

  4. Summer: Thank you and I really did enjoy your entry.

    Words Crafter: Thank you so much! And congrats fixing your head scratcher. I love hearing those type of stories.

    Luli: I LOVE my pretty new award. Congrats for receiving it and then giving it. Thank you!!!!!

  5. j'adore the pearl necklace - your jewelry is so gorgeous! I'd love to buy several of your necklaces to show off in front of my friends who buy that Cookie who-ever crap. I'd so upstage them!

    Okay, here's hoping it doesn't get bought before I convince myself I can splurge.

  6. OOOOOOOOO, she's talkin purty. Hey Steph, whats up?

    And thank you for the kind words BTW. I am working on some new stuff--a more coherent but just as unique style. Right now I am making stock for a local craft fair. *fingers crossed* I hope you have enjoyed the last necklace you purchased. Thank you so much for your support.

    And writing BTW? How are ya moving along?



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