Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Weather Blogfest!!!!!

From the nice folks at A Little Slice of Nothing, The Weather Blogfest!!!!!

I was originally going to enter a new bit from my WIP Ghost Mountain, but found it well exceeding 1,ooo words. I wouldn't feel so bad boring all of you with something of this length on a WIP Wednesday, but I've learned to be a bit more length savy when entering a blogfest. It's just fair.

Anyhoo, I shall bore you with the WIP bit on Wednesday and shall give you this petite offering from my Jericho Fan Fiction "Chapters".

Jake, the MC, is about to dance with his long longed for love at a friends wedding and a storm is about to roll in. The chapter this bit comes from was titled 'Watershed'. It was fitting.

Jake turned back to his silent companion when the first few notes of Garth Brooks’ When You Come Back to Me Again, drifted out into the evening air and mixed with the rumbles of thunder in the nearing distance.

The wind had kicked up again, molding the fabric of Heather’s dress across her body, brushing her hair over her face in gentle wisps. All the while she stood completely still before him, waiting against the backdrop of the coming storm.

Till the day he died, Jake knew he would always remember just how beautiful, how vulnerable she had looked in that moment.


  1. There are some moments, some glimpses of beauty and tenderness, that even as we see them we know we will always remember them.

    You've captured this exquisitely. Your entry deserves more but I am called on a long--distance blood run. wish me luck. Roland

  2. Hey, I appreciate whatever comes my way. Thank you for reading and giveing such a nice review. I was a bit late posting today and will be catching up tonight and tomorrow.

    And good luck and stay stafe AND awake.

  3. That's a cracker of a flash, Nicole. Loved it..:)

  4. Wind, Garth Brooks and an entry I don't have to use the scroll on the side to read = A win in my books. Awesome job!

  5. L'Aussie: *snort* That it is. She's short but a fit for the fest. Thank you and ta! ;-D

    Dawn: *big smile* That song in particular screamed for me to use it back then. I even hear wind when I listen to the song. It just fit. And the shorty was easy on me for today. I will have a longer deal up on Wednesday!

    Thanks for reading folks!

  6. That was such a scene stealing scene...ah, you know what I mean. The backdrop of the storm, her softness, the wind...great stuff.

  7. And I bet she was stunning against that backdrop. One of the reasons I love rainy days is that they tend to define and underscore the beauty we take for granted....lovely piece.

  8. Absolutely vivid. So much emotion in such a concise scene. Everything about it screamed desire and longing. A fitting title for it.

    Thanks for that Garth video (the song did feel apt to the emotion you have in this excerpt.) I'm so glad to find a fellow country music fan! I turned it up way loud so I could listen as I get dressed to go see my mom, but the video was just too engrossing.

    I almost rented that movie last night - dang but the title escapes me - but opted for something I haven't seen before. I didn't really care for the movie much, so seeing this posted here this morning is like a sign. Well, I'll remedy my mistake of leaving it on the shelf.

    A marvelous entry Nicole. It will stay with me all day.


  9. Raquel: I do know what ya mean. *snort* Thank you so much for reading and reviewing.

    Words Crafter: I agree. And there is nothing like the moments just before and just after a storm. Thanks WC!

    Donna: *blush* Thanks dhole. The title really did fit that chapter. I love naming things...

    And no prob with the bit of Garth. The Movie was Frequency. A favorite of mine. They called it a male chick movie when it first came out. A good story for sure. And thanks!!!!!!



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